Sunday, 1 December 2013


Happy first Advent!

Last week I left you with a mysterious "BE WILD". I owe you an answer, don't I?
In a addition to my in general full calendar, I assumed another task throughout the last 2 weeks. It was the campaign and election for next year's student council, called BDE (= Bureau des étudiants). The campaign includes free breakfasts, tea-times, parties, goodies, little sleep, a lot of motivation and so called "escortes": students can call our team in order to get a service done, e.g. dish-washing, shopping, cooking etc. Our team consisted of 39 people and I applied as the responsible for the sport department. As already mentioned, we invested a lot of time into this campaign and I am only happy that the people I founded that list with are just amazing and it is a real pleasure to work with them. Of course we also faced difficulties throughout the 2 weeks like a lack of motivation, but there were always members that took the initiative and pushed the team. And that worked out in the end: On Friday night the election was over and we were elected to be the team for next year. It's gonna be a WILD year, that's for sure.

For my part I have plenty ideas for the sports department. I can't wait to share them with all the students in my school. Furthermore here a little resume of what I personally did during the campaign and some pics that underline WILD weeks:

  • We threw 700 bottles of beer into a container
  • We did ironing for internship candidates
  • We delivered pizza in the night while it rained cats and dogs
  • We delivered pineapples early in the morning
  • We organised three wild parties
  • We sang the song of the elephant march (Jungle Book) in the middle of the market square
  • We cooked some Swiss specialities
  • We slept 4 hrs in average
  • We had some great two weeks with amazing people that I can't wait to be with!
Campaign Pic I
Wild masks
Wild Party
Campaign Pic II
Wild feeling
Wild food
Next week, Christmas time can officially begin - wait for some nice pics and surprises. Oh and I have exams, just sayin'. 


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