Sunday, 2 November 2014

I Move (Again!)

Hello guys,

Once again I move. This time not in real life, but virtual one - from Blogger to Wordpress.

Well, because everyone does. No, I am joking.
For real, I move because I like new challenges and Wordpress allows me to take them. I have more flexibility and also feel that the provider is more modern. Of course, you find every post and all your comments on the new website!

So, check out the new place here.

Autumn Walk

Dear readers, 

Generally spoken, I am a very confident and satisfied person. But I also have my moments of doubts, regrets and sadness. People then tend to have issues to comprehend my behaviour that doesn't correspond to my normal way and I can’t blame them for reacting like that.

Even if these moments are normal and happen to most of us, I also have my own problems to explain them. My explanation within the last weeks was always – stress. While I certainly go through a very stressful period, stress alone doesn't make me unhappy. Hence, I tried to figure out what the root was when I went on holidays last week. Until now, I always could disconnect impressively well once I left my study environment, but this time was different. My mind always turned around deadlines, homework and projects.

Nevertheless, I forced my rational me to calm down. As a nature lover, it is the mountains, lakes and woods that I need to find my inner tranquility. Luckily weather was very good, so that I could enjoy some autumn walks and it is incredible how an hour walk can change your whole perception. What seemed to be an impossible barrier a second ago turns into an irrelevant minor issue once I have inhaled some fresh air, collected some colourful leaves and listened to my favourite playlists. My rational me apparently calms down thanks to emotions.  

Of course, my stress hasn't diminished after a week of holidays, but my position towards it has changed. I try to see it as a resource of motivation and not as an unbearable hurdle that turns me into an impolite and stressed character.  Knowing that the line between positive and negative stress is thin, I use the technique of natural escape every time I fall back into old habits.

With this very personal post, I wish you a great week. Don’t forget that stress is not always bad; and if, then go for an autumn walk.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Autumn Wish List

Happy Wednesday!

After what felt like forever, I finally had some free time this week that I entirely dedicated to all the pretty things in live. Things like going for a walk through colourful woods, window shopping, blogging, cooking a real meal, responding to all my mails and eventually spending a couple of hours on Pinterest. I am probably one of the last bloggers to have compiled my autumn wish list but when I strolled through boutiques yesterday, I suddenly felt as if my wardrobe was totally incomplete.

Here we go, my autumn 2014 wish list:

  • Over-sized Pullover (GAP): There was no designer who hasn't included over-sized pullovers into this year's collection. Due to my Mum who dislikes very warm pullovers, I longtime didn't buy them myself and regret it totally today.
  • Barbour Wax Jacket (Barbour): Again my Mum plays an important role as she possesses such a pretty piece. It is totally versatile and completes the English look that I personally love so much. 
  • Huge Scarf (Zara): And another late-comer! All trendy bloggers had the huge checked scarf around their necks last winter. Lucky me that this trends is also present this year. Best thing about it? You can transform it into a blanket during classes.
  • Cord Trousers (Mango): I remember having one when I was 10 and I also remember standing out while everyone wore blue jeans. Today, I consider them as a great piece that elevates each autumn look. 
  • Burgundy Hat (Asos): Last but not least, for stormy days and rainy Reims, a hat is my must-have all year round. Although I already have a black one, I have been looking for a burgundy one for ages now - but this one here seems like the perfect one.  
What are your essentials for this autumn/winter?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

It's hard to beat a person who never gives up

Happy (belated) Sunday!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram could already guess the reason for my belated post today: after a quick stop in Paris yesterday, I found my way back home today and I am beyond happy to spend some time with my beloved family.

It's been only a week and I still cannot believe it. Do you remember when I announced some time ago that I planned to run a half marathon? Well...
I DID IT. 21 kilometres of heat, stress, motivation, pain, joy and endurance. When I crossed the finish line, I was incredibly relieved and forgot all the thoughts of giving up that had been in my mind during the run. All that I felt, was pride and joy.

But it was more than only the distance that mattered to me. In fact, this half marathon symbolised an important step in my live, giving proof to myself that I am totally able to stick to my goals and to achieve them, never mind the problems I am going through. Eventually, this achievement becomes some kind of a mantra for me and will certainly be a guiding line in future.

Though, let me tell you a little more about the run itself. For most of the time, I felt really good and fit and knew by the fond of my heart that I would make it. Yet, at kilometre five I was ready to throw up since I hadn't had any breakfast beforehand. The most difficult part for all runners is between 14 and 18 when I also started to feel my legs for the first time, but I pushed myself once I passed the 18 as only few steps were left to reach the finish. In the end, my finish time was far below the originally planned goal of two hours which is a quite good result for ones first 21k, especially regarding the heat on that particular day. As a result, I took showers every 5000 metres as I didn't drink the water from the bottles, but poured it all over my body. Furthermore, orange slices gave a little extra vitamins kick that I absolutely needed.

This was my first half marathon experience. For now, I haven't planned another one. Actually, I even skipped sports totally during this week as I had horrible aching muscles and - as usually - a significant lack of time.
If you have further questions concerning my little running experience, don't hesitate to comment. I will be more than happy to respond!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Dirndl Time

Once a year, time has come. Usually I present myself as a very European person, influenced by all the countries I have lived in, but this rule is vehemently broken in October: I am talking about the Oktoberfest!

Although I didn't make it all the way to Munich this year (lack of money, lack of time...), I managed to jump on a car to Stuttgart with some of my best friends in order to attend the Wasen. Never heard of that one? It's a slightly smaller Oktoberfest, but all about beer, music and fun as well. As usual, we danced on the benches, drank liters of Radler (lemonade & beer), sang German folk songs, went on crazy rides and met a bunch of friends and family.

In fact, I was beyond happy to wear my Dirndl again that keeps hiding in the back of my wardrobe throughout the year. As we stayed two days, I had to think of an easy way to change my styles: for the first day, I therefore took a yellow apron and red lipstick while I totally went for the girly look with a pink apron and pearls the next one. Besides my personal obsession with Dirndls, I couldn't help but analyse the other girls' Dirndls all the time, like seriously ALL the time. If I get a new one, I want one like this or a dark red one that I saw in the tents.

While the weekend was the perfect way to leave all the stress behind us, we got hit by it even harder by Monday. You cannot believe how happy I am to only have one week left until holidays. So long, have a great week!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Time For Some Exercise

Happy Sunday everyone!

One week left until my semi-marathon goal. Oh yes, I AM getting nervous. But having prepared quite intensively during the last weeks, I am confident that I will make it. And since I am spending most of my time in running shoes at the moment, I thought that this would be a perfect topic to blog about. So here we go!

When I have a bunch of other things in the pipeline and rain is pouring down, my motivation is zero. Although I know that it's good my body and my mental health as I risk to be a nerved wreck otherwise. This is why I established a kind of running circle in my school: In the morning (!) I post on facebook, that we will be meeting up in the evening for a little run. During the day my motivation fades, but since I have made this promise not only to myself but also to my social community, I am forced to go running, never mind the weather. According to the people who show up, I run different distances: 7 km, 10 km, 15 km... Not only that I do my weekly workout, but I also have the chance to meet great runners out there. 
Eventually, I am not only running. In order to change, I go playing tennis once a week and meet up with friends to play some football. These sports require different muscles and resilience. 

No sports without the right equipment. Long time I ran in old trainers or normal bras. It's a significant change once you change your material. Despite the more expensive expenditures in the beginning, I can only recommend to invest into quality things since they turn out to facilitate your exercises in a long-term.

Besides my running meet-up as motivation, I want to give you three other tips:
  • Pinterest - this might seem weird but starring at someone's abs for a minutes, makes me feel guilty. It's depending on the type whether you prefer motivational messages or other persons' photos to get you to move. 
  • Put on your bra - when I doing some home exercises, such as push-ups and crunches, I prefer to wear tight clothes and my sports bra. Why? Well, you see every little part that isn't trained yet and instantly, you want these parts to disappear. I don't train to get thinner but to get toned.
  • Music - this is certainly no secret. Again for me, it is a lot easier to run when I have my running playlist playing. Feel the Love (Rudimental), Summer (Calvin Harris), Timber (Pitbull) or Feel Again (One Republic) are only few of this list. 
Enjoy your Sunday and get some motivation for the rest of the week! 

Sunday, 5 October 2014


Good morning and happy Sunday!

I write this text lying in my bed and my iPhone in the hand. I admit, I am a pretty bad iPhone-writer (I look like a 60 year old, only typing with the index), but I simply don't want to leave my comfy bed this morning and make any effort to grab the laptop.

Although it's my 200th post today (hooray!), I haven't prepared anything as I only realized this fact this morning. In fact, I am proud that I have managed to post at least once a week for three years now. This weekly routine that started as a little experiment became eventually part of my life without being an obligation, but always a pleasure and fun. 

Despite stressful periods like now, I love to share with you whatever it is and I apologize for all uninspiring posts and bad photos that have marked my blogging career. But hey, it's not my job and since life is never perfect, my blog isn't neither. With that being said, I cannot wait to attack the next 100 posts and hope that you will join me on the adventure. I want to take the opportunity to ask you: Any wishes from your side? More travels? More anecdotes?

I should be getting out of bed now. Autumn has finally arrived here as temperatures eventually fell and rain has set in. Lucky me that I love such weather, especially when I have huge piles of work on the desk and a full autumn wardrobe to be worn. Hope you have a great week!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

KINDER Surprise

I saw that woman of my age sitting on the doorstep. She was wearing a pink white-dotted dress with a touch of retro. While she hold a half of a KINDER surprise egg in one hand, she opened the little yellow box with the other. Eventually, she discovered the miniature princess. Her delicate smile reminded me of something that I am missing from time to time: Being child again.

It is only now that I begin to appreciate this important episode of life. I understand why my parents and grandparents always told me to "enjoy the childhood as long as possible". No duties, no tax declarations, no life managing (except for tidying up your room). I love the advantages of adulthood such as independence and experience, but quite frankly, childhood is fantastic. This is maybe why I still love sports so much. Or sweet and colourful candy. Or amusement parks.

Speaking of the latter, I went to Parc Asterix yesterday. Eating cotton candy, going on the wildest rides and spending quality time with my friends (as we did last year in Disneyland) evoked and stimulated this need. When I see a roller coaster, my heart begins to beat faster due to the adrenaline, my step becomes hastily, my eyes get such a dreamy gaze and take me to a different world.

Enjoy your week and be a bit childish again. It feels great.