Sunday, 30 December 2012

And another happy new year!

Dear readers,

The entire week was dominated by emotions: happiness, sadness, disappointment, joy, glory - the wide range emotions can have. But let me start with the positive vibes:

First there was a three time skiing experience which was just awesome. You know how much I love skiing! Remembering three days in powder snow and sun turns me actually kind of sad as these days will be my only one in this season. Since I am able to ski (and I have been doing it for over 18 years), it is the first winter that I only have three days on my account. Note therefore: Have later a job in a snowy and hilly area.
Presents under the tree
Secondly there was of course Christmas: As a German family the presents are exchanged on the 24th and I actually thought that I wouldn't be surprised at all. But my mom played a trick on me: for a long time now I dream of a Burberry scarf that I actually don't want to spend a fortune on. Well, what shall I say? Thank you, Mom. This really means a lot to me.
The other Christmas days were really rainy which is why we went to the cinema all together watching "The Hobbit". Since I read the book a month ago, I was positively surprised by the film adaption. And Christmas also means food. The gym already calls my name and next week will be a diet as dinners were to delicious here: meat, potatoes, fish, cheese, salads, chocolate, cake, ice cream, french fries, ... I stop now.
Yumm Yumm
Presents: Burberry scarf, Tissot watch, Winter of the World by Ken Follet and Nivea Box
Negative emotions? Yes, they also appeared, especially on Friday when I was overwhelmed by my emotions. The night before I spent a great night with high school friends in a BBQ restaurant and realized the day after that one week being home is just not enough to see friends, family and to do skiing. I even didn't manage to go downtown because time was just too short. That turned me really unhappy. Another reason for this sadness is also that I am not too enthused about going back to my internship in Duesseldorf: While thinking about it, I feel more and more that this sector is not what I want. Not at all. And I actually have not so many friends there because many of them left the company before Christmas.

But I am not the kind of persons who focuses long on any negative things. Moreover I am really happy to find myself now in Berlin, the German capital where I am going to meet one of my best friends in a few hours. While writing this, I smile, believe me! More about Berlin, I will show you next week.

Let me finish by some words to 2012: To sum up it was a very positive year for me. Highlight was probably the trip to the US (here, here and here), the change from university to work life and all the time with my university colleagues. What I wish for 2013? A safe and healthy family, a good start in university again (especially when going to France for 2 years in September), a nice summer internship, great time with my friends and some happy life.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Driving home for Christmas

Good morning,

Today I only want to limit my post to some pictures I could gladly take during my return to home. I so much appreciate to spend time with my family and friends!
Yesterday morning I arrived and was truly relieved after 4 months away from home and without any holidays. It was the first time that I realized that I really need this time off and could therefore only hardly concentrate throughout the week that I mainly spent having dinner with colleagues and friends, doing some sports (against the Christmas-calories!) and packing my stuff.

As I only will stay one week, I want to benefit of today's impeccable weather and be on the slopes all day. Before I not only want to show you the promised photos, but wish you of course a merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) with your beloved ones.

Lactose free hot chocolate before the early morning flight
Christmas cake
So a wine must look like: 18 years old with spider nets

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

142 hours

Happy Sunday!

Only 142 hours left until I am back home with my family. This year the urge to see them is bigger than ever and I am happy that I can hug them soon again and spend Christmas with them. Still I am assuming why I have this urge but I think it is because I am less stressed and distracted than last year and that I don't feel 100% comfortable in my apartment (have I told you that there are now 4 Spanish guys? A lot I feel as an outsider...). Oh, and not to forget the missing mountains and snow.
Dinner on Friday
Art: Life
My last week was relatively calm: Some tennis, a champagne tasting with a French community and a weekend with a friend. Actually it was planned to have two friends coming over, but one had unfortunately to cancel her stay on Friday night because her train had more than 5 hours delay. With my other friend I yesterday tried desperately to find a present for my dad - without success. At night we went finally to see "Skyfall" and I was very positively surprised: A lot of action combined with an interesting story made this James Bond to a really good one. Thanks to my friend who intensively convinced me in advance to see it. What was your opinion about the film?
Champagne in a typical French restaurant
Last week I told you that we couldn't make to the final of the Business Game. Well, on Wednesday we received an invitation that we will be in the final as out team ha been chosen by one of the sponsors. We were so happy about the decision that we cannot wait to show our skills in March.

I wish you a pleasant day and see you hopefully next week with more interesting content :)

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas market

Hej hej!

Remember when I told you that I am learning Swedish? And yes, I am still in it, doing lots of progress. Reading and writing works well so far whereas understanding and talking is a challenge (that I like to take though!). However, I want to point out that I baked my favourite "kanelbullar" last week. Furthermore it is Saint Lucy's Day next Thursday that has always a magical ambiance.
Frozen lake
I hope you had a wonderful week because I actually had one. It started with a Christmas dinner with university friends when we had some delicious pizza and didn't have to pay for drinks as the waiter forgot to bill them. Then I finally played tennis regulary and Friday night I relaxed in the nearby baths and sauna. That was absolutely necessary after a stressful night before: Two friends and I took part in a Business Game competition while we were still working and had to make decisions online. That was not only complicated on a communication level but it also provoked misunderstandings. Thus we missed the finals. Though, we tasted blood and are already applying for our second competition.

Before I show you lovely photos I need to point out that I got some samples from Lancôme for free that have a value of 80 Euros. A friend's friend works for L'Oréal and each employee gets an enourmous box with make.up articles for Christmas, so I made a little choice. The Essie nail polish will be tried tomorrow in the office :)
Hypnôse Drama (Lancôme) - Nail Polish (Essie) - Ombre Absolute Palette (Lancôme)
And now I don't want to hold back my photos. I yesterday spent a wonderful day in Münster, a city with a lot of warmth and charm, that I couldn't resist. It sparkled. It was icecold. It snowed. It was peaceful.
Mulled Wine
Now I am getting of to see my grandmother and celebrate the 2nd Advent with her. Unfortunately I am very tired due to a long night with mulled wine, clubbing and "Madagascar" at 4AM.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

1st Advent

Christmas Market
Good morning,

I still cannot believe it but we count the 2nd December. How extremely fast autumn passed by is still a miracle to me. It seems only days ago that I wore shorts and tops and now I am sitting here while temperatures fell below 0°C.
But I am happy to have the first advent today. Christmas markets, mulled wine, cookies - the same procedure as every year. And I love it.

Since Friday a friend has been here and we enjoy the advent spirit together. We yesterday want to the Christmas Market, strolled through the city and cooked some Chinese (as usual) dinner before heading to artist bar in city.
During the week I mainly focused on sports and played tennis after a couple of while. For more than 3 months I have been looking for a tennis partner until a nice Italian woman called last week. Although the risk was high, we perfectly matched and will continue our matches within the next 2 months.

How are your Christmas preparations going? Have you thought about presents yet or have you even finished all your Christmas shopping?
I am still full in preparations and keep looking for good ideas for family and friends. But every time I am in town I am fascinated by all the decorations and attracted by all the different smells that feelings overtake my initial goals.

Enjoy the pre-Christmas spirit!

Simple but effective decoration in a cafe
Old monastery, converted into a cafe
Big Wheel I
Big Wheel II