Sunday, 24 March 2013

The party with champagne is in Europe.

Ohlala. This apartment is a mess. My room is a mess. I am a mess. Why?
Because we had a house party last night. And even with the biggest effort it is impossible to keep it clean when 40 guests drink, eat and dance. So today's agenda is obvious: clean the place ... clean the desktop. Last point is the reason for me being a mess. I survived another stressful week and now a huge pile of work (especially financial risk management) awaits me.

But I don't want to complain. Our party last night was a huge success as we all had a great time. And my special raspberry-pineapple-punch turned out to be as delicious as the following photo promises.
(750ml prosecco, 100ml Martini, 400ml sparkling water, 300g pineapple, 400g raspberries, 100g brown sugar)
As already announced last week I began this week in France where I had a champagne tasting and visited my future university. During our stay I also visited two apartments in which one my friend and I will maybe move in by August.
Although my friends called me the "Japanese tourist" due to my great Canon camera I couldn't keep my hands of taking pictures. In the end I am the only one who has some souvenir pictures that I show you now.
Tasting Champagne Rosé
Champagne Cave
City Hall

To finish off today's post - believe me, it was hard enough to write down all so far as I am incredibly tired - I want to point out to a political and economical topic.
On Thursday I took part in a discussion of how Europe's future will develop. The two speakers were a politician and a scientist who obviously had two different opinions, one from a theoretical, the other from a more realistic point of view. The discussion was more a huge blabla with no concrete solutions given. Nevertheless it showed that there are a lot of questions that especially the younger generation has to think of in order to guarantee the balance of Europe, and also the world. How do we implement the thought of Europe in the different nations' minds? How will the expansion policy of the European Union be continued? How shall rules be respected neglecting political motivations? What can I - as simple inhabitant - do to improve the situation?
Those are enough questions to bother you, but I thought of giving you some impulse and sharing my thoughts. Next week will be as adventurous as the previous one, therefore stay curious!

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