Sunday, 15 December 2013

Distracting Vastness

Good morning my dears, 

The Internet is a nasty little thing, did you know that? I am in the middle of exam period but instead of studying I lose myself in the infinitive vastness of the Internet. I mean, I am very happy that I am still alive after 6 exams that more or less killed me. But each time I came home, I wasn't able to study for the next exam and spent my time on Facebook, tumblr, Pinterest and Co. Originally planned 1 hour sessions ended eventually in long-stretched afternoons. Here is what I found.
  • This guy is a god. As I speak three languages fluently, I know how difficult it is to learn and to remember any of them. But 11 is a miracle. 
  • Although I am not a ballerina, I can't stop watching them over and over again. These pictures express so much grace. 
  • My move to Paris next month is another evidence for my never-ending-moving. In this post, Rachel revealed a lot of my feelings. Oh, and this is my daily life in a program called "International Management". 
  • Beyonce is not my favourite artist. But these guys interpret her songs so well, that I might change my mind.
  • I like that idea of having something that makes you happy, never mind in what situation you are. So girls, it's your time to start a happy life!
  • When I found this webpage, I couldn't stop laughing: neighbours can be so creative, funny and mean at the same time. Let's wait for my next complaint note
  • Back to art: As a critical person regarding modern art, it's a personal revolution to show you these works. But it's one of the few moments when I like litter being transformed into art. 
  • Admittedly, I always do something different when safety instructions are given on a plane. But this time, even I watched. 
  • What is a good winter outfit? Warm, stylish and cosy. I love that one
  • My favourite for Christmas: WestJet plays Santa Clause is such a thoughtfully campaign. I keep wondering what miracle drink airlines took this year to have those great video ideas?
  • And finally: I might adapt of these techniques, so that I avoid compiling lists like this one in future. Haha.
Actually, there was only one thing missing: I guess, I spent half of the week looking for great skiing/ winter blogs but couldn't find any that really touched me. If anyone of you writes a great winter blog with great stories and pictures, let me know. I am desperately searching!

Now back to the last subjects while drinking an amazing hot chocolate with an even greater cookie (here to buy). On Thursday I am driving home for Christmas - hooray! First semester done, next step Geneva and next year Paris. Love life.

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