Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Stockholm, Sweden

As my favourite city, I have a really special and deep connection to the Swedish capital. Please find below addresses and tips for summer and winter, as well as personal details about my two trips.

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  • Och Himmeln Därtill (www.restauranghimlen.se): beautiful view over the city with delicious food
  • Grill (www.grill.se): Barbecue at an extravagant dinner table
  • Chutney (www.chutney.se): Vegetarian restaurant in hip Södermalm
  • Pontus by the Sea (www.pontusfrithiof.com): Situated at the waterside, the restaurant presents high quality sea food
  • Systrarnas Lundbergs (www.systrarnaslundberg.se): Fancy restaurant in Norrmalm where young locals meet
  • Pelikan (www.pelikan.se): Typical Swedish food in Södermalm
  • Kvarnen (www.kvarnen.se): Typical Swedish food in Södermalm 
  • Restaurang Solliden (www.skansen.se): Biological ingredients are here used at the restaurant in Skansen park
  • Volt: If you are up for some extraordinary food, Volt is your place to be - from lacto-ovo vegetarian dishes to a dessert composition of fennel, plums and cream. 
  • Frantzén Lindberg: Not only the internet presence is stunning, their food treatment is pretty much the same and therefore a little more costly. 
  • AG Restaurang: Meat is called their specialty. But also vegetarians will find some nice dishes located in a former butcher's shop. Nothing for the fainthearted!

Bars & Nightlife
  • The Cookbook Café(www.thecookbookcafe.com): Enjoying coffee surrounded by books
  • Fafangan(www.fafangan.se): While eating delicious cake creations, the view about Stockholm and the waterside is stunning
  • Mellqvist Kaffebar(Röstrandsgatan 4): Famous for the place where "The girl with the dragon tattoo" was written
  • Muffin Bakery(www.muffinbakery.se): Several locations offer typical American pastries and top coffee for free
  • Flickorna HelinVoltaire(www.helinvoltaire.com): Romantic cafe in the Djurgarden park
  • Saturnus(Eriksbergsgatan 6): Best "Kanelbulle" (cinnamon roll) in Stockholm
  • Gilda(Skanegatan 79): Crazy and colourful cafe in Södermalm's Skanegatan

  • Plagg und Pjucken (www.plagg.se): Department store with stylish young labels
  • Coctail (www.coctail.nu): It sells everything useless in all colours
  • Svenskt Tenn(www.svenskttenn.se): Swedish design in a modern store at Strandvägen
  • Acne(www.acnestudios.com): The Swedish jeans must-have
  • Tjallamalla(www.tjallamalla.com): Women's clothes from chic to fancy
  • Kocksgatan 17(www.kocksgatan17.se): Men's wear in a stylish store
  • Department stores in the city: NK, Gallerian, Ahlens City, PUB
  • Urban Outfitters (Biblioteksgatan 5): Normal retail store but located in an old cinema, worth to have a look at

  • Skanegatan: Street in Södermalm where locals meet, flirt, go out, ...
  • Skärs: More than 200 little island can be found in front of Stockholm, book your tour
  • Skansen: Learn about Swedish culture and animals while feeding elks or visiting Lappland houses
  • Djurgardensfärjan: Not only the best way from old town to Djurgarden, but also a 20 minute trip on the water
  • Gamla Stan: Old town with small souvenir shops and narrow streets ready to explore
  • Södermalm (Farfangan & Lilla Skinnarviksgränd): Södermalm has its own charm and here is where people hang out after 6 PM. Don't miss the two scenic stunning view points
  • Vasa Museet: Interesting museum with a lot of interaction so that you never get bored
  • Kungliga Slottet & Slottet Drottningholm: Being still reigned by a king and queen, the castles are the Swedish sanctuaries
  • Strandvägen: Go for a walk along chic boutiques while enjoying the view on the water

Special recommendation
  • Try the Päron Cider. It is about a beverage like wine but made out of pears.

Further information

Personal data
  • Visiting dates: March 2010, July 2011
  • Accommodation: The Best Western Time Hotel, Best Hostel Old Town
  • Highlight: Sunset at Lilla Skinnarviksgränd with some Päron Cider

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