Monday, 24 February 2014

Fun facts Sochi

So again, I failed. Thanks to a huge hangover (or "gueule de bois" in French), I wasn't able to leave my comfy bed yesterday. Instead I enjoyed watching the last day of the Olympics. And how sad I was when the fire went out yesterday night. Another 4 years. It's gonna take forever!

To remember those fantastic two weeks, I compiled a some fun facts that I want to share with you today. Enjoy!

Here are some more fun pics for the famous snowflake fail. 

P.S. The party with lots of friends in the middle of Paris on Saturday night was it worth to spend yesterday at home.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

It's Art Time

The Thinker

Good morning everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend, as well as a special St. Valentine's Day with your beloved ones. As already mentioned, my Mom came over for a visit and I spent the entire weekend with her after an ordinary week of work. But stop! It's not that I haven't done anything during the week. For instance, I went to the Centre Georges Pompidou in order to visit the Contemporary Art Exhibition. And since one museum is not enough, I yesterday went to the Rodin Musuem.

In fact, I am not a very passionate museum-goer. I rather go there to expand my horizon and to cultivate my culture. Therefore I am very lucky that I can visit most of the exhibitions for free in Paris (E.U. under 26) because I would feel truly unsatisfied if I paid a fortune for an entry that I couldn't appreciate to its full extend. Nevertheless, I have the objective within the next five months to visit a museum/ an exhibition at least once a week since Paris has this amazing offer for those activities. Sometimes I might go there for only an hour after work, but that's better than not going at all.

Besides the Cartier exhibition, the Centre Georges Pompidou was the second on my list. Admittedly I have never been a huge fan of Modern Art, so when I stood in front of three white (!) artworks, my understanding and my tolerance evaporated. Luckily, they have a drawing part which is mostly nice and comprehensible. Then, my Mom always wanted to go to the Rodin Museum that takes part in my one of my favourite movies Midnight in Paris (watch it, if you want to fall in love with the city). I guess, it must be a lot prettier in spring or summer when the garden flourishes in pastel colours. I can't wait to take a good book in a couple of weeks, watching tourists and sitting beside the famous "Thinker" while life in the garden awakes.

Have you any further museum tips for Paris?

Enjoy your week, and if you are in Paris and you want to join my visits, you are very much welcome!
Bisous from France

Centre Pompidou
Park at the Rodin Museum

Chateau at the Rodin Museum
And again, The Thinker

Friday, 14 February 2014

A Chance for Love

Hi everyone,

It's me again. I know, it's quite uncommon for me that I write you two days in a row but today is the 14th and I just couldn't resist. You know what I am talking about... Valentine's day.

No, I won't tell you what you should wear for your date tonight and I also don't give you a last-minute wish list for presents. That is not my style. In fact, even if I am a romantic person who loves watching kitsch movies, I have never had a deep connection to that day.

Actually, I re-defined the meaning of the day. Speaking to you as a single person, I want to encourage all singles, mingles (google it, if you aren't familiar with this new-kind-of-fashionable term) and of course happy couples, to see that day as a chance to give love to whomsoever. It is not only about a wonderful relationship between you and your partner, it is also a day to remember and appreciate love between you and your brother, your sister, your parents, your best friends, your caring neigbour, your beloved cat - the list could go on forever. It also includes yourself: Love yourself, be proud of what you do, care for you. Personally, I often have the feeling that in this stressful world love for ourselves is totally forgotten. Yet, when we love ourselves, it is so much easier to give love to others.

I, for myself, have the luck that I spend this day with my Mom. But I also took it as an opportunity to write to my brother in Australia, my Dad in the US, my friends all over Europe to show them that distance doesn't matter.

Have a wonderful Valentine's day!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Olympic Games Sochi 2014

Happy Thursday!

From time to time (okay, let's say every week) I mention how crazy I am about winter and sports. No surprise, that Sochi is currently my all day activity. Well, right, I do work... let's say I try to combine both the best way possible.
How? Having a live score open all day is a good start. It allows you to easily switch between Excel sheets, mails and the suspense in the snow. Then there is also the possibility to record an entire day on a hard disk in order to start a comfortable TV night with crisps, candies in Olympic colours and some drinks (so happened yesterday!). And for those who don't have any recorder, the Internet is still one of the best options since lots of channels provide videos in their online media center. 

Let's do a quick recap what has happened so far (and what I consider to be important):

I hope you like such kind of posts but I thought that the Olympics are far too unnoticed in today's blogger world. Of course, I am interested in fashion and lifestyle but what about the Olympic spirit that reunites people from all over the world to pass two weeks of passion and happiness?

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Rouanaise Happiness

Valentine's day. Remember it

Good morning my dears,

As I've already shown in this post, I moved this week. Every time I now enter my small apartment, I feel so happy and can't stop inviting friends over to my place of which I am a bit proud of. On Friday, after work, a couple of friends went over to have an aperitif and some snacks. Afterwards we climbed beautiful Montmarte in order to enjoy the stunning view over Paris and to chat over a good dinner. Also on Thursday, when I went to Centre Pompidou at night to visit the exhibtion, the outlook from top of the museum on lights and glittery streets was another highlight. I don't know how I will manage when I must leave Paris in summer. It already turns me sad.

But France is not only Paris, Paris. I mean, it has lots of other lovely cities that are worth a visit. So I speak of Rouen where I went yesterday with a friend. It is a very sweet city with lots of narrow streets and picturesque buildings. Furthermore it is known for its amount of churches that can be found throughout the entire city and that underline some kind of medieval touch. And of course, Rouen is famous for the place where Jeanne d'Arc was burned some centuries ago. Unfortunately, we got stuck at night since the station had to be closed due to a suspect suitcase. But after some beers and new people that obviously where in the same uncomfortable situation , we eventually could take our train back to Paris and get home. Indeed, this is what Paris is for me.

So getting back to work tomorrow, I wish you a pleasant week with some Olympic updates coming up. Bisous!

Winterly Caption
Shopping Street in Rouen
Street of Clock
Church Tower I
Typically Rouen
Church Tower II
Seine Lights in Rouen

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Home Alone

That's it.

I've already mentioned it on last Sunday's post but I finally moved into my new apartment. I feel so entirely grateful for having the possibility and the financial background to afford such a luxury.
Actually, I have never thought that it would be in expensive Paris that I would find my dream apartment, but here it is. Located in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, yet in a calm street, and exposed to a green courtyard. All amenities are around the corner, a lovely bar only a couple of meters further down.

When I moved in on Tuesday night, I felt so excited. Do you know that weird feeling in your tummy as if 100 of ants were having a huge battle? Well, you know, this is how I felt when I - after some hours of rearranging and placing - sat down on my bed and looked into every corner of this little piece. One could now say that the room is very small, though this is actually why I love the spot so much. Never have I had an apartment all on my own (I am far to used to sharing flats), so I guess that a small apartment is perfect for the beginning.

Let's start in the kitchen
Fruits are essential
A nice bouquet of flowers turns everything into lively space
Paris guide and jewellery
Green courtyard
A handbag is decoration, too.
More decoration
Oh yes: I can see the Eiffel Tower. You're jealous - got ya'!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

On the rooftops

View on the Opera house
Happy Sunday!

I might be changing this blog's name to "C'est le dimanche soir" (= evening) since I don't seem able to post on the right time of day. But again, this week I have an extremely nice excuse: The weather!

The last two days the weather in the French capital has been so nice that I couldn't resist to go out. Therefore my friends and I decided to take famous Velib' - the bike stations that you can find throughout the entire city. It is such a great and cheap trip (at least when they work properly, you bring them back at the right time and you change them every hour...)!
With these bikes you can easily go from one place to another and this is how I found great spots: We had lunch at the Deli-Cieux (on top of the Printemps department store where I definitely will live after work in summer) and went up the Centre George Pompidou as it was free for us students today. Thumbs up for this lovely day!

Except work - yes, I still don't like my internship - my whole week was as good as this Sunday. I met lots of friends for drinks, went out on Friday and Saturday, had a picnic in the Jardin Luxembourg (with typical French Baguette and Camembert) and tried to enjoy the city as much.

Now I have to leave you, me friends, because I want to cook some Chili con Carne for my flatshare to thank them for having me here for over a month. Though, this will be over on Tuesday when I will be moving into my little apartment in the middle of Paris. You get an update once I am settled there! Enjoy your week!

View from Deli-Cieux
Golden rooftops
I can easily imagine a good glass of wine here...
From Trocadéro
Restaurant "Georges" on top of Centre Pompidou
View on Sacre Coeur from Centre Pompidou
La Défense at night