Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sweet dreams are made of... junk food

Good morning my dears,

This week was amazing.
I mean, in general. Although it started off with a handful of exams (that I passed ok, I think), it turned out to be great. Since Wednesday I spent each minute with my beloved friends that I won't see for two years as we all leave to different countries for our studies: Spain, Mexico, France, Italy, USA,... Therefore we enjoy our last days together the best we can.

Party in the for students free club. Baking a cake instead of preparing for the next exam. Drinking cocktails the night before the exam. Playing soccer for an entire afternoon. Watching Topmodel and backbiting about the models' bodies. Celebrating the victory of Bayern Munich in the Champions League. Shopping for the next motto parties. Booking a one week trip to Lisbon (any tips from your side?). Or - as I will do in some minutes - brunching for three hours.

I tried to capture some of these great memories in the following pictures (still my stupid smartphone cam).
Brain food
Pizza with fries. SO normal. 
Champions League Final
Carrot Pie with a lot of chocolate
As you know, end of term means also motto parties. This time: Pirates - to the end of the world. Any creative ideas to not look like the typical pirate or Jack Sparrow? Mermaid? Treasure? I need you help.

And for all fashion lovers amongst you, I fell in love with Vivaluxury. I wish I could jump into a plane and let my skin kiss in the Californian sun.

With this short notice I wish you a great start in the week and try to focus on my last exam tomorrow.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Exam phase

Good morning everyone,

I have been working on Accounting for an hour now and already feel that I need a break. Let's see where this efficiency leads to. Good news are that I have passed the first exam yesterday; it was English. This week another three will follow and the motivation to learn is very little. The rain and grey sky don't push my motivation neither.
Morning practice
Besides revising last week, I had a pretty nice week: twice a dinner, a students' musical "Romeo and Julia", three times tennis, a sunny day outside with my cousin and a great show of Eurovision Song Contest with friends. Congrats to the Danish winner! Though, my favourite was the Maltese singer. Cutie!

When I cook, I normally cook very healthy (at least I try it), but this week I had to do some Swiss specialty, which was far away from being healthy: Rösti with sausages. It's a pleasure that I allow myself from time to time. How to do it? You can find a very easy recipe here.
Swiss specialty in exam phase
Do you hear it? Accounting is calling for me. Unfortunately. See you next week!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

I can feel the rhythm.

Guys, I have a problem. A major one. I only have six days left until my first exam and the following exam week and so far I haven't even looked at my books and notes.
New communication gadget
This is actually also the reason why I got up at 7 AM on a Sunday morning. During my first two years of studies I figured out when I am the most productive: My first shift starts normally at 7 AM until noon. Then I am more than ready for a lunch and a long and stretched break. My second shift begins then at 6 PM and lasts until approx. 10 PM. And then I fall into bed, exhausted.
The problem with my rhythm is that it doesn't fit other people's rhythms. In fact, most of my fellows commence revising when I have already worked 5 hours. That makes it extremely difficult to find time slots to do something together but at least it is only one week.
Today my break is planned to be filled with some jogging, cooking and a little hike although I only hope that this rain will stop until then...

The motivation to start intensively came yesterday when I met my cousin. I realized that I only have 2.5 weeks left here which means that I will only see her and most of my other friends only a short time. But if I pass the exams well, I have some days left afterwards to fully concentrate on my beloved ones.

I certainly must tell you about the start of the week that I spent in Dusseldorf. They were tiring because we had an immense program: project management training, team building, team meetings, presentation etc. Unfortunately our full agenda only allowed me some hours to visit my former colleagues but as the project will endure half a year I need to go to Dusseldorf a few times in the months. Maybe I'll get then the chance to see them. Oh and the blackberry shown above: My new professional phone. I feel so adult.
Best canteen food ever: Steak with basil topping on savoy, accompanied by gratin potatoes
Today is Mother's day. Well, I recently have dedicated this post to my Mom but nevertheless I want to say thank you again. I love you.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

University? I have never heard of this.

As today's title already implicates I didn't spend last week in university. Instead I first took the train to Dusseldorf on Monday and went then directly to Munich on Wednesday. I only came back yesterday - but leave to Dusseldorf tonight again. Who called me busy?
So, what's that fuzz all about?
On Tuesday I had an assessment center for the interns' program in my former company. It was my first AC ever. Therefore I could learn so much during the day and found out that I need to become a lot tougher in competition situations. Despite my self criticism I was chosen for the program that is about an in-house consulting project during the next six months. Thus, I leave to Dusseldorf again tonight.

After two busy days in Western Germany, the Southern part called: Munich. Have I ever mentioned that I love this city? Well, I do. And I went there for two reasons: A workshop at Bain & Company and a presentation for our client in our Marketing project that wrecked my nerves in the past. The workshop was great as we had an interesting case to deal with and a reception that was extraordinary. The offices are not only modern (with a huge roof terrace) but also the gastronomical offer was truly delicious. Honestly, I am on diet for the next week.
The presentation with the client went smooth as well and we earned helpful feedback.
Best hangover breakfast in famous Hofbräuhaus
A "funny" picture (above right) of me is shown every 5 minutes in the new lobby of my former company. Shame or fame?
Besides all this professional stuff I also had a lot of fun in both cities: I met my former colleagues and some interns, I experienced Munch's night life in a sleepless manner, I met friends and tried to plan my three months of vacation. Yes, I still haven't decided which tour I want to do.

With this busy week that probably will be my future life I wish you all the best and see you next week!

P.S. You might be wondering why my last posts consist of less photos than usually. I unfortunately can't find my recharger for my Canon. Actually I assume that I forgot it at my parents (or I hope) because I have already looked for it in every single corner.