Sunday, 25 March 2012

Ups and Downs

Hi everyone,

hope you had a wonderful week. Regarding the weather it absolutely was one: Blue sky and temperatures up to 20° Celsius. In contrast to the perfect weather, my personal week wasn't the best.

There is a topic I haven't talked about here which I would like to reveal today. It is about my 3rd semester when I need to do an internship in a German company. As it should start in August or September, I am now starting to apply for positions at Unilever, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, L'Oréal, Adidas, etc. Although it is quite tough to get into those companies, I applied because last year's students did their internships there as well. But during the week, I realized that life is sometimes hard: I got a few refusals. Might be that I am too impatient (my real weakness), but  refusals are extremely discouraging. Owing to CVs, companies try to judge you and evaluate whether you fit into the company... I doubt that process.
Not only the refusals are demotivating, moreover I realised that I made a spelling mistake in my CV on monday - so even the start into last week was bad. I can't wait to be tomorrow: New week, new hope!

As I am writing this, a friend came over to watch formula 1 because his internet is not working (and he is a formula 1 fanatic). And he brought some breakfast freshly from the bakery, I call that a service!

Maybe you know companies where I could apply for (I would prefer Marketing in the fast moving consumer product industry). Or do you have some ways to motivate for me? Just let me know if you have some suggestions.

You have probably realised that I am not totally concentrated on today's post but situation is nagging me. If I have a better upcoming week, my post will be much more interesting. So long, I wish you all the best!


Sunday, 18 March 2012


Good morning dear followers,

As I officially closed the chapter of winter last weekend, I now want to devote myself to the next one: Spring.
This week sun was shining, I could go out only wearing a simple shirt and thousands of freckles shot my face. Latter is always a sign that spring is arriving.

Another sign for spring is fashion: As soon as I can get my light trenchcoat out of my closet, I know that temperature is rising. Therefore I want to share two spring outfits that I wore during the week here (see below).

However I didn't do a lot last week because I really had to catch up some work I haven't looked at for weeks now. Although it is really hard to work while birds are singing outside, I force myself so that I can finish soon.

Even if I can't post anything interesting about the last week, I want to point out to some fashion blogs which I have quite often a look at or rather I am an active follower of.

Cupcakes and Cashmere is one of the most known blogs in the world and not really a secrecy but personally I like the way Emily writes about her life in Los Angeles. Not only her style is inspiring, but also her tips, decoration and recipies are more than interesting. Actually photos are so well taken that I sometimes must hinder myself not to eat my screen.
Recently I found Wendy's Lookbook, where Wendy shows her styles: I admit that this woman is absolutely a fashionista and knows how to deal with fashion. From time to time I try to copy some ideas which will become easier in summer because she lives in sunny Los Angeles as well.
Finally I sometimes spot at Street Peeper which collects street styles from all over the world. Obviously there are some really strange outfits among the gallery. For me street style blogs are not only a place to find some new ideas but also to laugh about styles that I wouldn't dare to go out with. More than once I admire those persons' courage!
Chinos - Zara / Bag - Primark / Blouson - Primark / Polo - UCB / Shoes - Bata / Sun glasses - Ray Ban
Skirt - H&M / Trenchcoat - Zara / Shirt - Esprit / Tights - Promod / Shoes - Vintage / Neckless - Vintage / Linen Bag

I hope you also appreciate when I publish posts like today's one. If not, please let me know :)

Enjoy the day!

P.S.: Here and now I want to thank those friends who invited me to dinner during the last week. You really can cook! Thank you for being my friends!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Short week & Snow Days

Good morning everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend so far.

As promised last week I want to start today's post by sharing photos I took at the biathlon championchips last sunday. It was a great day I spent next to the racetrack although I stood in the snow for more then 8 hours (yes, my feet were slightly wet at the end of the day).
One of my favourites - the French Martin Fourcade - could even win the race, probably because I supported him by cheering wildly next to the track. Unfortunately Magdalena Neuner "only" became second, otherwise the day would have been absolutely perfect - but hey, that's sports!
... by the way: Next year I'll support the athletes again! It was an experience I can only recommend if you like winter sports!

Men's competition

Women's competition
Around the track I

Around the track II

Why am I calling this post short week?
Well, I have just come back from another important event: the Bolzano Snow Days. The last three days I spent in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy with my university to ski, to party and to have a great time. Of course, the way to Italy was a long 7-hour-ride but we were heartly welcomed and started by sledging thursday night. This was so much fun! The next day I participated in a skiing competition (Third place!) before we had the day free to ski ourselves. On saturday there was a volleyball tournament and some further activities in the snow while sun was shining. The city of Bolzano is also a visit worth: we explored it saturday night, topped by eating ice cream and some pizza, before going to the party at university. Thank you Bolzano for these 3 unforgettable days!

Perfect conditions

Therefore I only spent two days in university this week which was absolutely enough! My friends and me we sweetened this week up with cooking a Tamil dish on tuesday night. On one hand it was really delicious as we used spices I have never seen, never mind tasted before, but on the other hand it was extremely spicy which is why we topped it with some cream to neutralize the hotness.

Tamil dish
Thank you a lot for reading this week's post. I am now watching the last competition of the championchips before catching up some sleep (necessary after those two weeks).


Sunday, 4 March 2012


Grüss Gott - is what you say in Bavaria to welcome people.
And here I am right now, soon leaving my friend's apartment to go the biathlon world championchips. I have been wanting to go to this event for 10 years and finally I realized one of my biggest wishes. (Photos will follow next week!)

Not only that I spend this weekend in Bavaria but I also see one of my best friends who I attended my last school years with. She is studying hotelling an hour away from the racetrack and it is the best opportunity to spend time with her!
On Friday we went out to go bowling with her friends. It was a nice night out although I played miserably.
Yesterday we went to nearby Salzburg, Mozart's city, and walked up to the castle, went to a nice café and strolled through the Old Town. I always wanted to visit the city as I love Mozart (you can't imagine how many "Mozartkugel" you get everywhere and how many concerts with his compositions are given) and what I have heard about the city so far. And I felt comfortable there, enclosed by the mountains and because of a nice atmosphere amongst people, buildings and shops.

During the week university kept going on, highlighted with some events such as birthdays or the "Running Dinner". My friends and me we cooked the starter and chose some salted Muffins. Sounds strange, but they were really good - we mixed bell pepper, onions, mushrooms and tomatos with pastry. Afterwards we went to some 2nd year girls to have our main dish (chicken and noodles) and finished with some pancakes later.

To finish today's post I absolutely need to share my new pullover which really brings sun into the room. Although I don't want to get up early in the morning, putting the pullover on cheers me up. It is a simple cut but combined with blue jeans and a blouse underneath, it is a perfect spring outfit.

United Colors Of Benetton - 19.95 Euro

I am now off to finally see a biathlon competition! I am so excited!
See you next week and thank you for reading!