Sunday, 22 December 2013

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Happy Sunday!

While writing, I am still lying in my comfortable, warm and cosy bed and literally feel how stress is falling off. You know how the last three months went by and the last week was - again - no exception. But here I am back, back home for holiday season and glad that I survived the first part of my adventure in France.

During the last two weeks I've written 11 exams and I am pretty sure that there is the one or the other that might have been better. But regarding the quantity, this is normal, isn't it? When we finished the hard time on Wednesday, we had our annual 'End of the World' Party, this year's theme: Igloo, Igloo, Igloo. As stupid as it is, I only put on a hat and claimed that it is cold at the North pole, so I'd better protect my head.

After a good but quite short party, the day after was very hard. I had to pack all my stuff, clean the apartment and take 5 luggage pieces into the train. Yes right, I kind of did my moving with the French SNCF which was very stressful. Luckily I am a girl and there was always a helping hand when I had to carry my stuff all along the 500 m long train. But in the end, everything worked out very well and retrospectively, it was a fun experience!

Back home, I very much enjoy doing nothing or - wait! - skiing of course! I've been telling you a couple of (or maybe 1000) times that I love it and that I am looking forward to doing it throughout the entire year. Well, I began my season yesterday and it was great as usual. Tomorrow I head to the slopes again, yihaaa!

Last but not least, we are quickly approaching Christmas. I have all my presents, the tree is decorated and all the ingredients for the Christmas meals are shopped. Speaking of ingredients, I also baked a few Christmas cookies this week, the recipe with yogurt turned out to be really easy and yummy. So how shall I end a post on the 22nd of December?

Well of course, have a very merry Christmas.
International Cookies: Statue of Liberty, Pisa Tower, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben (easy to recognize, no?)
Every year's cinnamon rolls
Freedom - Passion - Love

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