Sunday, 2 November 2014

I Move (Again!)

Hello guys,

Once again I move. This time not in real life, but virtual one - from Blogger to Wordpress.

Well, because everyone does. No, I am joking.
For real, I move because I like new challenges and Wordpress allows me to take them. I have more flexibility and also feel that the provider is more modern. Of course, you find every post and all your comments on the new website!

So, check out the new place here.

Autumn Walk

Dear readers, 

Generally spoken, I am a very confident and satisfied person. But I also have my moments of doubts, regrets and sadness. People then tend to have issues to comprehend my behaviour that doesn't correspond to my normal way and I can’t blame them for reacting like that.

Even if these moments are normal and happen to most of us, I also have my own problems to explain them. My explanation within the last weeks was always – stress. While I certainly go through a very stressful period, stress alone doesn't make me unhappy. Hence, I tried to figure out what the root was when I went on holidays last week. Until now, I always could disconnect impressively well once I left my study environment, but this time was different. My mind always turned around deadlines, homework and projects.

Nevertheless, I forced my rational me to calm down. As a nature lover, it is the mountains, lakes and woods that I need to find my inner tranquility. Luckily weather was very good, so that I could enjoy some autumn walks and it is incredible how an hour walk can change your whole perception. What seemed to be an impossible barrier a second ago turns into an irrelevant minor issue once I have inhaled some fresh air, collected some colourful leaves and listened to my favourite playlists. My rational me apparently calms down thanks to emotions.  

Of course, my stress hasn't diminished after a week of holidays, but my position towards it has changed. I try to see it as a resource of motivation and not as an unbearable hurdle that turns me into an impolite and stressed character.  Knowing that the line between positive and negative stress is thin, I use the technique of natural escape every time I fall back into old habits.

With this very personal post, I wish you a great week. Don’t forget that stress is not always bad; and if, then go for an autumn walk.