Sunday, 27 January 2013


Yes. It's been half a year.
6 months that I lived in the beautiful city of Dusseldorf.
6 months that I worked in an international company.
6 months that I made memorable experiences.

As we all know, pictures say more than words. Therefore I compiled a collage of all the memories that shaped my life and personality within this time. 
Somewhere over the rainbow - Auberge espagnole - Blue jeans vs. pencil skirt - Beauty to go - Northern lights - Where there is love there is life - Autumn closet - Another fashion story - Sweet week - Releasing endorphins - Ice ice baby! - Back to the roots - Potpourri - Dedicated to someone - In the heart of Europe's money - 1st Advent - Christmas market - 142 hours - Driving home for Christmas - And another happy new year! - East shots - I feel talking like my grandparents - Winter breeze - Next!
Usually when I start to realise that time at a certain place is soon over, I always feel that I have missed thousand things. This time didn't differ: I went partying twice this week, went to sports more often than I used to, stayed in the office until late and observed my environment intensively. With these events I feel more allowed to leave and make the huge step to a already known place: university.

Never would I have expected to miss university, but within my internship there were moments when I wished to sit in classes. Of course, mostly because I missed my friends and the fun we had together. On the other hand, I will also miss my team here. They supported me nearly each day, so a close relationship was built.

I need to mention that this weekend is the last to post from a public spot: next Saturday I move to my new flat share. But before, the cafe where I spent a lot of time deserves its own photo. At least it fed my Internet addiction.
Thx Woyton (especially for unplugging the lamp in order to get my laptop charged :))
Enjoy your week. And live each day as if it were you last.
And dear brother, all the best for your birthday!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter breeze

Good morning my dear friends,

Today I can delightfully announce that I am sitting at McDonald's Cafe, drinking a hot chocolate with soy milk while posting. I cannot wait to have a simple Internet connection at home. Matter of worse is that facebook is no longer accessible at work which forces me to read my newsfeed on my smartphone. Urrrgh.

Since it has been abnormally warm for the last couple of weeks, it started to snow during the week and temperature fell below 0°C constantly. Layering up, drinking hot chocolate and reading good books are my favourite activities this weekend, believe me. However on Tuesday night I couldn't resist the urge to run outside - childish as I am - taking pictures while it was snowing. This was truly a memorable night that I prove with some photos:

What else has happened last week? We had our department's dinner when the dessert was one of the best mousse au chocolat I ever had (and I had a lot...). The dinner was a fun night out although it is sometimes strange to see serious colleagues in festive mood. 

Having told you that I was successful in sale shopping, I proudly present two new items in my wardrobe: a simple blazer which I received a lot of compliments for and a light top whose collar is a true eye-catcher. It enables me to combine with 1000 different items which is just what I like.
Blazer / Top (both Zara)

Today I will meet some Mexican friends to bake some pizza. Otherwise my plans are hardly specific. I have only 8 days left to work which makes me sad and happy the same. Have a great week with lot of fun!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

I feel talking like my grandparents

Time flies by.
My colleagues remind me each day reproachfully how many days are left until I leave them. The new semester starts in three weeks. A friend arrived two days ago and will already leave this afternoon. The week went by so fast that I have the feeling that I didn't leave the cafe to post for you. Yes, I am back in the same place.

But what made it so incredibly fast? (I feel talking like my grandparents now but they were right) Sports, reading, friends, a lot of work, shopping and some other things kept me on the go. Though actually nothing extraordinary happened. Talking of my friend earlier we had a great girls night on Friday, drinking cocktails and talking for hours. Then we yesterday went shopping (last weekend of sales) where I got a nice blouse and a blazer at Zara (pictures follow next week). We finished the day by enjoying great waffles in an old castle and having a fun night out at the movies, watching Pitch Perfect - a super funny movie for all who love A-Capella and college movies. Afterwards we imitated the following scene that we want to present at a art's night in university. Well, you need challenges.

As I have told you last week, I bought a new pullover, so here my first real outfit post (posture must be improved :)). I love pullovers that speak for themselves. And only some days ago I read that every woman should have her jeans label that fits her well: mine is American Eagles Outfitters. Best jeans!What do you think?
Pullover - Only / Jeans - American Eagle / Boots - Gabor / Shopper - Longchamp / Scarf - Vintage / Glasses - Ray Band
Today I plan to do a little sightseeing with her before we separate again. At least I hope that the next week doesn't fly by as fast as the last one. I want to enjoy my last weeks here in Duesseldorf, feeling that I have done thousand things!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

East shots

Good morning everyone!

Guess where I am sitting? In a Starbucks-alike coffee bar to get some internet access. My lovely landlord decided to resign our apartment's contract which is why I will blog from public hotspots the next weeks. No clue where next week will be. Maybe here again: it is rather calm, food and and drinks are good and the staff is friendly.
Rasberry cupcake and hot chocolate with lactose free milk - perfect Saturday :)
For 2013 I wish you all the best with luck, love and joy! Instead of posting a review (as lots of other bloggers do) I decided to look into the future: less food, more sports, watching the Lord of the Ring-Trilogy, starting my studies in France, reading two Ken Follets, improving grades, spending time with great friends, holidays, finding a great summer internship and so on and on and on.

As promised last week the pictures of Berlin will now follow. When I visited Berlin the first time about 6 years ago, I didn't like it at all. This perception changed a lot: I appreciate the lively atmosphere in the districts of Prenzlauer Berg & Kreuzberg, the cosyness of the Hackesche Höfe and the time that I could spend with friends. The fact that I am a lot interested in history makes Berlin even more fascinating: you meet history everywhere you go - the wall that seperated once the city, old airport Tempelhof, Jewish Memorial, ...
Not a fan of NYE I was invited to a party that we left before midnight to watch the fireworks in downtown. However I was scared all night to get hit by some crackers or fireworks because people shot them wildly around. Luckily I survived and could start safely in 2013!
Brandenburg Gate
Jew Memorial
Christmas spirit in front if 5 star hotel "Adlon"
Berlin - Mitte - direction Prenzlauer Berg - Dancing club
Spree & German parliament
Fireworks above the parliament
Back in Duesseldorf I started working on Wednesday (tired obviously...) and went to the Rankin exhibition on Friday night. He is very famous photographer and his works are more than impressive. And yesterday I couldn't resist to grab a cupcake after a shopping marathon that ended with a new pullover! Have a great Sunday!