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Geneva, Switzerland

While having lived three years in Geneva, I discovered beautiful places around Geneva Lake and in the city. Most tourists are only aware of the lake's beauty and Geneva's significance for worldwide organisations and politics. Of course prices are higher than in other European areas, but you don't have to spend a fortune - you only need to know where. May I give you a hand and show it to you?

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  • Manotel: The Manotel Group is hotel chain in Geneva that has 6 hotels with different categories and styles. Each hotel is high quality standard and located in the centre.
  • HI: Hostelling International has also a hostel in Geneva which is located next to the lake and the United Nations. As a rather new building it is not only suitable for school groups but also for tourists who want to pay less.
  • La Cour des Augustins: Between Carouge and Old Town this design hotel offers everything you desire in a city: comfort, silence and excellent service.
  • Appart’Hotel Residence Dizerens: This charming guest house enjoys a quiet location in a pedestrianised street in the centre of Geneva.
  • Hôtel Parc des Eaux Vives: Just imagine a soft awakening in a historical mansion overlooking the lake and in the heart of a magnificent park - then you are in of the 7 chambers that are offered in one of the most luxurious hotels in Geneva. 
  • Chez la Voisine: My favourite restaurant throughout Geneva. I drag everyone here because food is delicious (and menu changes daily!), location is amazing, service is friendly and prices are fair.
  • Chez ma Cousine: Here you can only choose between three dishes: Chicken with fries, chicken salad and salad with goat cheese. I recommend the location St. Gervais because it is less crowded than the one in the Old Town.
  • Sushi Train: As their Happy Hour is in convenient hours (18.45 to 22.30), the reduction of 50% makes Sushi train affordable. 
  • Mr Pickwick Pub: If you like to have some beer or some Pub food - Mr. Pickwick offers it. Furthermore soccer games are shown on regular bases and Thursday, Friday and Saturday Live Music is played.
  • La Fumisterie: Located in an ancient garage, nowadays exquisite food is served here. Their agenda is always full, so be sure to be there early enough or check out their website before to see whether they fully booked.
  • Il Carosello, Boulevard Georges-Favon 25: The so called best pizza in town is at Il Carosello in my opinion.
  • Inglewood/Holy Cow: I couldn't decide which burger restaurant I put here. They are both good. Maybe Inglewood has a little more charm...
  • Crêperie des Pâquis: As Geneva is situated at the French border, French classics are not far away. A good Crêpe is a must.
  • Céline et Sébastien, Rue des Eaux-Vives 7: Only a few steps away from the busy shopping street, a sandwich at Céline et Sébastien is heaven on earth after a long day in shops. 
  • El Baraka: It is not often that I recommend a simple kiosk, but the Kebab at El Baraka is really tasteful, costs only a few bucks and the kiosk is open every time I pass.
Bars & Nightlife
  • Le Chat Noir: In the old district of Carouge the Chat Noir is known all over the place. It used to be a shabby basement but it recently refurbished its location and (local) live bands and DJ create good mood.
  • L’Usine (KAB & PTR): The clientele in the Usine is special and alternative. Therefore entrance is below average here and beer is rather cheap. Please don't wear any classier than Converse and jeans.
  • Bypass: This club is rather expensive and unfortunately located outside of the city centre. I only go there Friday: Ladies night which means free entrance before midnight and champagne for free all night long.
  • Ethno: A stylish bar at the Rhone bank with nice staff and good drinks. 
  • Java Club: At the top of the Kempinski hotel, the Java Club attracts mostly rich people. Entry is free but prices for drinks are exorbitantly high.
  • Brasserie des Halles d’Ile: Situated on the island in the middle of the river, this location is a mixture between bar and restaurant. On some nights a DJ is playing some music, on others it is just one of those normal after work bars.
  • Qu’Importe: Perfect for some after work drink in Carouge with a large choice of wine!
  • Le Scandale: Not far away from the central station, the Scandale is a pizzaria, bar and club in one.
  • AMR: If you like Jazz music, the AMR is the place to be.
  • Cheesecake & Co: Within a few steps from the university and Old Town, Cheesecake & Co offers delicious cheese cake but a variety of other American snacks, f.ex. bagels.
  • O Calm: It's been a while that I found this lovely place in Carouge. I prefer their cakes and drinks because their salads are rather healthy (with a lot of seeds). On the terrace you easily forget that you are in a big town.
  • Les Recyclables: Between books (that you can lend of course) and ancient interior, I love having my breakfast. I feel so intelligent here. And so alternative.
  • Arthur’s: Situated in the most expensive street - Rue du Rhone - in Geneva, next to Hermes, Louis Vuitton & Co, I sometimes want to feel special and afford a coffee in this designed cafe at the river.
  • Chez Quartier, Rue Voltaire 24: For a long time, I was looking for a suitable place in Geneva to have breakfast and I finally found it here. Don't be astonished but trust is their credo: Serve yourself at the bar and pay afterwards.
  • Fleurs de Marie: Cupcakes, tea, brunch, snacks in some kitsch furniture. Take your time to go there because service is sometimes is a little slow. 
  • Papeterie Brachard: Even if you don't need anything for your office, have a look at this shop because it so well organised.
  • Pomp it up & Pompes Funèbres: Two shoe stores next to each other: One sells only sneakers in all variations, whereas the other specialises in all models that are not sneakers related. 
  • La Halle de Rive: Nothing better than fresh food. All variations in this food hall. 
  • Globus Food: Okay, it is a normal department store with a food department, but however I love to stroll through the cupboards discovering new ingredients and products each time.  
  • Fête de la Musique: Mark the 3rd weekend of June in your calender. Then there is the Music Festival in Geneva and all kind music is performed all over the city.
  • Fêtes de Genève: Two weeks in summer the bank at the lake is crowded with people and stands because everyone celebrates the Geneva festival. Each year their is guest country presenting itself. The highlight are stunning fireworks by the end.
  • Bateau de Genève: Just at the bank in the centre, this boat is location to eat, to meet, to drink or just to visit. 
  • Cathedrale St. Pierre: Climb the stairs and you will be rewarded with a lovely view above the Geneva, the lake and  the mountains.
  • Maison Tavel: You want to know something about Geneva's history? The free entrance museum exhibits artifacts and a miniature relief of the city.
  • Baby Plage: In summer there is nothing better than to jump into the lake. On the way to Geneve Plage you cross Baby plage, a small sand bank where you can quickly refresh yourself.
  • Mont Salève: Admittedly, it is in France but you have the best view from the Mount Salève. Either walk up or drive by car or take the cable car - enjoy nature high above Geneva.
  • Parc des Eaux Vives: I love this park because it is so spacious and calm. Only few people relax here and I cannot understand why?!
  • Carouge: Once there were fights between the French Carouge and Geneva, nowadays Carouge belongs to Switzerland twists its visitors around its finger. 
Special recommendation
  • The public transport ticket is also valid for the yellow "navettes" (boats) that bring you from one bank to the other. Cheap 10-15 minutes boat trip. 
  • Geneva's environment is stunning: The French Alps, Nyon (with it's Swiss charm), Lausanne & Vaud, Yvoire, ... - it is worth to rent a car.
  • The best toilet in Geneva is the one at the Kempinski Hotel: Take the side entrance and you'll be directed to the toilet without bearing weird looks from the reception staff.
More information
Personal data
  • Visiting dates: resident from 2008 to 2011
  • Accommodation: at home :)
  • Highlight: Taking a "navette" across the lake while the sun is shining, water is blue and I see the Mont Blanc in its fully beauty. 

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