Sunday, 28 April 2013


Good morning!

I don't know how you feel about your mother but I love my mom.
She teaches me about live, she supports me in everything I do - let it be extremely silly-, she enables me to discover the world, she is my best friend.

And it is her 50th birthday in one month. Naturally I am still brooding about what I could get her as present and my ideas are far away from something special. Until now I could only think of four songs that she used to sing with me and my brother that I wrote different lyrics for. While my brother plays the guitar, I will do my best singing it. But obviously I want to give her also a nice present - any ideas that half a century deserves?

As her birthday is in May, I have a fashion problem: What will I wear? When I went shopping last Tuesday my goal was to find a nice outfit for the occasion. I ended up with a leather jacket and a short jumpsuit. Both pieces I adore but which aren't an option for the birthday.
Jumpsuit (Esprit) - Leather Jacket (Only)
I did a siesta on Thursday when someone rang the bell. Far to lazy to get up I let it ring and discovered later that it was the postman bringing a package for me. Extremely surprised I opened it and found delicious food that I love but which is not to be bought here - my mom sent it to me. Thank you.
A student needs student food
While preparing an English presentation yesterday afternoon, I received plenty of Whatsapp messages as I was added to a new group that called itself "bowling". So I ended up having dinner with my choir in a fancy Italian restaurant before some of us headed to play bowling. You actually could win coupons for the nearby Pancake house so that we completed the night having three pancakes with 12 people. (I didn't win them, my skills are far too bad). What a fun!

Even as it is raining a little I am motivated enough to do some jogging with a friend now. Unfortunately I couldn't have my daily hot chocolate this morning as my flatmate apparently drank my last lactose-free milk last night when she came home. Urggh. And hahahaha.

Sunday, 21 April 2013


Good morning!

Yes, I am still alive. As you know last week was full of due dates and therefore I only had little sleep. I caught up everything during the last two days to finally let my dark circles around my eyes vanish.
Obviously weather was amazing during the week (dresses and white pants were on the program but I always forgot to take some outfit pictures), but then temperatures fell again which is why I spent the weekend in my room so far. Today I will have some birthday party though.

On Friday night I was invited to a friend where we had some Thai curry which was a premiere for me. I've never tasted something like this before as I was no fan on coconut milk. I must avow that it was pretty good - except for the coriander. I don't know how you feel about it but for me it smells like soap. Truly. I had a look on Wikipedia and found out that it has actually a genetic reason.

You all are aware of me being a fanatic traveller. This summer of three months vacation calls for new destinations that I would like to check out. The different options are:
  • Canada: Travelling form West to East by train through the Rockies with stops in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. 
  • South America: Not speaking Spanish I'd like to take the challenge to pass some time on the Southern continent. From Brazil to Argentina to Chile passing the Igazu Falls and the Aconcagua.
  • Asia: Exploring an entire new world - Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and preferably China.
  • Scandinavia: Starting in Iceland I would like to take a ferry to Norway and there do a road trip to Oslo, Lillehammer, Bergen and the famous North Cape. Furthermore I'd like to check out my beloved Sweden and maybe Denmark.  
What would you choose? 

Have a nice Sunday and enjoy the rest of the week!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Potatoes with Spring Vegetables

Good morning,

I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Even if it is a very small one, it enables me to be optimistic.
The last week I spent mainly at my desk: Finance essay, French essay, French presentation and Marketing project. In addition I had to deal with my consulting project and some classes to attend. All in all a very busy week that showed me how stressful studying can be: In average I had 6 hours sleep the night and I begin to feel this nuisance. Actually, I have just realized that I miss one page in my Finance essay and now I must fudge a story to at least fulfil the minimum pages required.
22nd, I cannot wait.
Cake Pops for the party!
In such weeks I am happy to have friends who you talk to about stupid stuff and you laugh with. As everyone has to suffer the same situation we keep making jokes about everything in order to stay optimistic. Therefore I invited friends over on Tuesday and we cooked together (yes, another recipe!). I also went to a party yesterday night which was best after two days filled with writing on essays, even if I worked on some presentations afterwards.
Temperatures rose eventually and so the following recipe is perfect for spring:
Kartoffel-Gemüse-Pfanne (Trennkost - Kohlenhydrate) Rezept
Source: Food & Foto Hamburg

Potatoes with spring vegetables (for 4 persons)
1 kg potatoes
2 onions
500 g string beans
2 red peppers
250 g feta cheese

Begin by peeling the potatoes and cutting them into small squares. Heat some olive oil afterwards, put the potatoes in it and toss them approx. 10 minutes (or longer for becoming soft). In the meanwhile slice the onions and cook the string beans in hot salt water for about 8 minutes. Then cut the peppers. When the potatoes are ready, put the other vegetables into the pan and mix it for another 5 minutes. Spice it with pepper and salt. After positioning the portions on the plates, crumble the feta cheese on each.

This week the presentations are due. Cross fingers that they work well! And as all the stress is soon over, I will put more emphasis on taking pictures, blogging and thinking about nice topics. So long!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

10 Random facts

Good morning,

Currently lots of bloggers reveal 50 facts about themselves. As it is still early this morning, I only could think of 10. Maybe I will do 5 x 10, I don't know yet. So, let's start with my 10 facts now:
  1. I am afraid of dogs and the deep sea.
  2. In my closet you will find my shirts arranged according to their colour. Like a lot of small rainbows.
  3. I love sweets. And I eat far too much of them. Then I have a bad conscience and skip dinner for a couple of days. 
  4. I have no clue about latest music as I primarily listen to classical music. Only when I am in a club I get in touch with house music. 
  5. Meat is really important to me and if I don't get any, I can be in a very bad mood (sorry, dear veggies!)
  6. I hate glitter on clothes. No way I buy these pieces. 
  7. I used to be addicted to ice cubes that I ate up to 30 of them in a day. My addiction lasted for 2 years until I broke our freezer. 
  8. I don't watch any psycho thrillers as they frighten me to death. Instead I prefer watching romantic comedies...
  9. I have a wild fantasy and think of what could happen the next day very often. Most of the time it doesn't.
  10. Although I am really busy and don't get a lot of sleep, I don't drink coffee. I hate its taste. To get some energy I grab my Coke light.
Last skiing day this season
My last days at home were great as usual, like skiing on Wednesday. Nevertheless it was imperative that I went back to my flat in order to continue (or start) writing my essays for university. This I never achieve to do while being at my parents because it feels like true holidays.
Therefore I am primarily focused on Finance, Accounting, English, French and Marketing projects. But not entirely: My brother came with me and stays until this afternoon. Together we went shopping. We met our cousin on Friday midday for lunch. And went to a bar yesterday night.
Water walk
To sum up, a really good week. Same I wish you for the upcoming one. Mine will be full of work but you know me - I will find some ways to make it a nice one. Enjoy your day!

Monday, 1 April 2013


Dear readers,

I know - it is Monday. Easter Monday to be precisely which is kind of a Sunday to me. But of course, I owe you an apology.

I spent the last three days in Saas Fee, a skiing resort in the Swiss Alps and there I had absolutely no Internet connection. Instead of checking mails and facebook, I was on the slopes with my parents although weather was moderate. Actually, it was so foggy that I couldn't see further than 10 metres. Only today, upon departure, the sun shone brightly.
For all the ski lovers amongst you, the ski resort in Saas Fee is rather disappointing in my opinion. The advantage is that it's glacier (3500m) is open throughout the year which means snow safety the entire year.
The village compensates the ski resort: it is car-free what I appreciated a lot. In the village you find a lot of sport boutiques in which one of them I found my new black Mammut jacket.
And within the three days I haven't eaten badly once, of course only Swiss classics as Fondu, Rösti and Geschnetzeltes.
Easter greeting from the slope!
Before my Easter holidays the "Soirée Cabaret" in my university took place where I sang with the choir and played the clarinet. While our clarinet performance I trembled with fear to play wrongly. Luckily I didn't and the performance was a lot appreciated by the audience. Furthermore - and as last year - I was astonished how many talents you find in small university: juggler, dancers, singer, musicians, etc. Thank you all for your support and the artistic show!

This week I stay at my parents' with enough to do for university and will go back on Thursday, accompanied by my brother. Next Sunday I will then state why he is joining me!