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Hamburg, Germany

Since my grandmother lives only an hour away, I visit Hamburg from time to time. Trading used to be the main reason to dock ships - and it still plays an important role today - but Hamburg offers much more than Reeperbahn and harbour.

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  • Superbude: Twice in Hamburg, the hostel has not only a funny homepage but is clean and offers nice rooms for small budget.  
  • 25 hours Hafencity: Each room is designed differently. However they follow one rule: The sea is the main topic. 
  • EAST Hotel Hamburg: Near the city centre, the EAST is a high class design hotel which is worth every cent you spend here.
  • Hotel Wedina: Three houses in different colours in which books play an important role. Authors that stay here sign their latest oeuvres. 
  • Empire Riverside Hotel: The tower surmounts the city and therefore the view from each room is endless. For some luxury.
    • Café Paris: French touch in Hamburg - as a lot of French people live here, the Cafe Paris may not be missed. Especially the breakfast on Sunday is adorable. And sitting in the "Bel-Etage" is less noisy than downstairs. 
    • Klippkroog: Exquisite menu and simple decoration make me relax here.
    • Slowman: This restaurant is known because it was part of a TV show. Young people were trained by a famous German chief to become waiters or chiefs themselves. The result is rather impressive.  
    • La Sepia, Schulterblatt 36: Portuguese food is just delicious, especially in La Sepia.
    • Deichgraf: A Hamburgian restaurant with Hanseatic charm and Northern food like fish, meat and potatoes.    
    • Daniel Wischer: If you don't like fish, this restaurant won't be the best choice for you. But well, this is one of Hamburg's most known restaurants.
    • Amaranto: I love sharing tapas with friends because you can try so many different dishes. Plus a good vine and the night is wonderful.  
    • Campus Suite: With a few locations in Northern Germany, this restaurant offers different snacks like Pasta, bakery products and soups for small prices. 
    • BucksSportsbar: Once a while I have an urge to eat an burger and if it's the case in Hamburg, I go nowhere else than Bucks Sportsbar.
    • Edelcurry: Best french fries in town. Best "Curry wurst" in town. A place to try when in town. 
      Bars & Nightlife
        • Goldfischglas: A bar in the party district Sternschanze with a variety of drinks for good prices.
        • Die Katze, Schulterblatt 88: Around Sternschanze I can highly recommend the Katze where young people love to hang out and drink some drinks. Happy Hour is until 10 PM, more to say?
        • Sommersalon: Seventies + Good DJ + People in good mood = Perfect night!
        • Hadleys: Check out the website to know all about the latest concerts in their venue. Some jazz, good drinks and nice people.
            • Café Reise Bar: Cafe, bar and travel agency in one room - for all amongst us who feel wanderlust.
            • Éclair au Café: A little place of sweet dreams, the French bakery offers homemade products. Better to take with you and enjoy somewhere outside than in the place as only few seats are available.  
            • Café SternChance: The SternChance is a charity project in Hamburg that supports children. Moreover the cafe is great to have a coffee break. 
            • Websters: Especially for breakfast the Websters in the city centre is a recommendable place. 
            • Gretchens Villa, Marktstrasse 142: Best waffles in town. Love it!
            • Café Johanna: Near the Landungsbruecken, Cafe Johanna is a cosy place to have breakfast, lunch or some dinner with friends. The clear interior impresses me every time I come.  
            • Liebesbisschen: You might have recognised it, but I am a cupcake lover, so I also checked out Liebes bisschen. And their cupcakes are good, really good. Believe me.  
            • Herr Max: Mister Max - as I like to call him - brings nostalgia to Hamburg! The ancient milk shop (built in 1905 ) reflects with its colours (white, pink and baby blue) the product Herr Max offers: Cakes, Muffins, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tartes and much more. 
            • Näscherei: Step down the 5 steps and enter a heaven for coffee, cake and some easy talking. Especially suitable for parents with kids as the little have toys to play. 
            • Elbstrand: On sunny days the Hamburger love to hang out at the Elbstrand which is a beach at the river with various bars and cafes. Pick one and enjoy your day.
                • Kochkontor: A bookstore with cooking books from all over the world combined with a restaurant (choosing 1-2 books each day and cook the meals then)
                • Fischmarkt: Although you must get up at 5 AM (then the market opens its doors) it is indispensible to see fresh fish arriving from the Northern Sea. And once you are there, you should try a "Fischbroetchen" (fish burger), a speciality in Northern Germany.
                • Isemarkt: A weekly market under the railway offers fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and other food.
                • Mutterland: Three wonderfully decorated shops of Mutterland are located in Hamburg and they all sell German delicacies. Only foraging is fun! 
                • Die Wohngeschwister: Die Wohngeschwister are 2 siblings that sell individual furniture and decoration for your home. Their credo: Your home is a mirror of yourself and your are unique.
                    • Boberger Dünen: Sand dunes in the middle of the city? Yes, they were even created naturally.
                    • Harbour City, Marco Polo terrace: Once the sun shines, a lot of people lie on wooden planks on the Marco Polo terrace and enjoy the view on huge cruise liners while the Unilever building touches the sky next to them. 
                    • Hachez Chocoversum: Admittedly, I am addicted to chocolate and I therefore can't get enough of the museum.
                    • Fleethof: One of my favourite squares in Hamburg. Only steps away from the busy centre, I here can easily relax.
                    • Gewürzmuseum: In the historic Speicherstadt, the museum for spices exhibits ancient trading traditions. 
                    • Kaffeerösterei Eppendorf: As coffee is a big part of Hamburg's trading, the roasting facility can't be better placed than here. Have you never asked yourself in the morning where your coffee comes from?
                    • Chilehaus: Discover the office building in the Speicherstadt which was constructed in 1922. 
                    • Kramer Witwen Wohnung: Those apartments are the last remaining buildings in Hamburg from the 17th century.
                    • Blankenese: A little walk through Hamburg's richest district gives you an insight into the high society. But also the architecture of these ancient houses is highly interesting.
                      Special recommandation
                      • At the harbour a lot of boat excursions offered - often at high prices. The public transport (HVV) has a boat line that leaves from the Landungsbruecken and ships through the harbour. The whole round trip takes about an hour and costs only about 2€ or is even for free (if you have a day pass). 
                      More information
                      Personal data
                      • Visiting dates: Once a year
                      • Accommodation: at friends
                      • Highlight: Harbour tour with HVV and Herr Max. Their cakes are just ...wow.

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