Sunday, 24 November 2013

Professional friends

A very early good morning my dears!

While I have been quite late the last three weekends, I this time chose to be extra-early for you. Yeah right, this is one of these famous after-party-posts. And as sleep is currently overrated, I told myself to use my productivity.

Have you already realized it? It is only one month left until Christmas Eve. And not only Christmas music returns into my playlist, but also Christmas markets are built and first mulled wine is sipped. So I especially did during the last two weekends that I both spent in Dusseldorf for professional reasons. It's been the last two visits within the next months as my strategy project is over now. A week ago we had a presentation workshop that was extremely useful for our final presentation that took place on Friday this week. Beforehand I was very nervous since the presentation was not only held in front of executive managers but also because we put 6 months of hard work into it. In the end all went well and the feedback was more than positive, and the same helpful for our further development. Then, on Friday afternoon, both project teams were invited to an art gallery to get the mind cleared: We painted - in my case - Christmas presents. And finally, Friday night, we strolled through the city of Dusseldorf and tried a few bars and clubs before I headed back to France early in the morning.
Also Starbucks is in Christmas mood!
Business view
New Breuninger shopping mall om Dusseldorf with exclusive brands. I love!
How will my Christmas decoration look like this year?
Spooky I
Spooky II
Most frequented place: Gare de l'Est in Paris
My artwork: LUCK & first Christmas present this year
I can smell the mulled wine... only 1 month left
Now, another fulfilling chapter is closed. Well, on the one hand I am very relieved as the project was a lot of work on top. On the other hand I am pretty sure that I will miss our weekly mobile conferences and the fun we had together. I want to underline that my project team consisted of great - different - people that make this talent program to a very nice on. We hopefully see each other within the next months because they are not only colleagues, but friends.

Though, it was not only the project that kept me busy. Another really important event is happening in this month. What that is, I will tell you next week. I only want to say: BE WILD. Speaking of that, I will go to bed now.

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