Sunday, 22 April 2012

Shoes & Fruit Mix

Happy Sunday everyone!

It is nearly noon, I know, but I needed a lazy sunday morning because my last week was quite tyring: a written assigment to hand in, a test to write and finally a presentation to hold. But I now finished all extra tasks and should concentrate on my exams. Yes, they are in less than one month. Furthermore I spend a nice night out yesterday because it was my friend's birthday.

Of course, I let you know which shoes I have bought: After hours in the store and trying even more shoes, I finally picked the dark brown leather shoes. Retrospectively I don't regret anything because they fit perfectly to me and my outfits.

Last week I told you about one interview with tricky questions and like I already guessed, I couldn't convince them. But never mind, there are other companies (another interview next week) that I actually prefer. So cross fingers!

Admittedly, I can't stay away from sweets, can you? Especially the Easter time is known for its delicious chocolat which provoques my hands even more to grab for some snack in the afternoon. In order to eat not that much of sweets - they are not body's best friend - I "created" a new snack that is healthy, cheap and delicious at once.

Cinnamon Fruit Mix

Choose from the following two or three: Apple, strawberries, oranges, raspberries, mandarins, mango, pears, bananas...
... nearly every fruit except melons and kiwis (as far as I tried)

Incredibly simple to do: Cut the fruits into little pieces, put them into a bowl and top them with a spoon of cinnamon. Finally mix everything and enjoy.
Good mixtures are: Apple & Strawberry, Orange & Raspberry
Tip: If you have frozen berries, mix them when they are still frozen. Due to the thawing process water complements the mixture and adds a special taste!

So long!

P.S. I am not at my place next weekend. Therefore I don't want to guarantee a punctual post then. Please forgive and enjoy your week!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Good morning,

Holidays are almost over and I have the feeling that I haven't finished one thing enterily. On my desk I have a huge pile of documents to work on. At least, I had some two wonderful weeks of holiday.

Last week I posted about my trip to France, this week it will be about my time back here. My mother arrived on Monday to spend a few days with me. On Tuesday we went to town (I wasn't in shopping mood at all which is quite unusual for me), a day later we went to Tuebingen to visit the city before she went off to Stuttgart on Thursday. Unfortunately I had so many dead lines to keep to that day, making it impossible for me to come with her: I finished up sitting at my desk the whole day while sun was shining outside. Each night we went out to have dinner and I found some really nice restaurants here in town. Ask me, if you want to have some recommendations.

Friday and Saturday I spent at university because I participated in a workshop for "Problem Solving and Storylining" offered by McKinsey. Other participants were nice and the content was interesting - to sum up, more than a successful and helpful workshop.

Two interviews for my internship were also on my agenda this week: One was more like a personal phone talk to a nice woman about my personality whereas the other was a tough marketing interview. The interviewer asked some tricky questions and my answers were sometimes not that adequate. I still hope that I could convince them with my expertise but I will probably know more tomorrow. And I will keep you updated, of course.

So, back to my work! Going back to university and a challenging week is waiting for me without much time left for not university related activities.
Oh wait, I need your help: Which of the following shoes should I buy? :)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Vie à la française

Hello my dear followers,

It hasn't happened for quite a while now but today I couldn't manage to blog this morning. Well, I admit that I totally forgot about it due to a good reason.

Place Stanislas

I am at my friend's in France and there was a lot going on in the last couple of days. And this morning - as it's Easter Sunday - a few family members came over to celebrate and to have lunch together.
However let me just summarize what we did: Our arrival here was a little annoying as we had to suffer a few traffic jams on our way. Therefore it took us twice as long as normaly which ended up in being in the car for more than 6 hours. After our late arrival on Thursday, we went to see the city of Nancy on Friday - Place Stanislas, Shopping Street and nice lunch at an Italian restaurant. In the evening we watched the Harlem Globetrotters that is an American Basketball Team combining basketball with a show. I pretty much enjoyed it! Yesterday we only went to the movies (watching "My week with Marylin") before going out at night with some of my friend's collegues. And today I participated in a really French lunch, meaning that we sat around the table for 4 hours and had delicious food.
As I really enjoyed my time here I feel already a little sad leaving tomorrow. I was heartly welcomed and I appreciated it a lot to spend time with my friend. Thank you!

Harlem Globetrotters
But I actually have another event I can look forward to: My Mom is coming to my place tomorrow as well and she is going to stay one week (so you actually can guess next week's topic). Moreover I have two interviews which is why I am in a good mood.

Hope you forgive me that I didn't publish "le dimanche matin" but sometimes living and enjoying is more important! I wish you all the best for the week and see you next Sunday then!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise" by Viktor Hugo.

Another beautiful night

Sunday breakfast

After more than 11 hours in bed, I could finally catch up my sleep that I have missed for two weeks now. How relaxing! So I have just started the morning with a yummy breakfast from the bakery and tonight I'm going to meet friends at a Mexican restaurant - I need a lot more of those Sundays.

My last week's report wasn't that optimistic as I normaly am. But I also promised that this post will be better as long as my mood is in a better condition. And this is the case.

First of all I urge to tell you that I got invited to an interview: The internship I applied for would be in the lovely city of Hamburg. Because of the long distance I have the interview on skype. That is a lot more practical but also a challenge because you have to persuade your interlocuter via a screen. Now I have more than one week to prepare for "Portfolio- and Brandmanagement" - let's have some fun!

Then I started my class of choice yesterday which is "Cross Cultural Negotiations". Not only that the topic is really interesting and the class interactive, my professor is such a sympathic person whose Italian temper infects all of us. His jokes made me so much laugh that I even have aching tummy muscles today. On Wednesday we already have our examination, so I will appreciate it a lot, if you could cross fingers.

Finally, I am looking forward to one week of holidays which improves my mood a lot. And I planned a lot for those free days: After the examination, my friends and me we are going to go out to celebrate a birthday (...and the examination of course). The day after I am going to leave to France with a good friend. Her family lives in Nancy, so I am looking forward visiting the city and spending Easter with her!

Happy Easter and see you in 7 days!