Sunday, 24 November 2013

Professional friends

A very early good morning my dears!

While I have been quite late the last three weekends, I this time chose to be extra-early for you. Yeah right, this is one of these famous after-party-posts. And as sleep is currently overrated, I told myself to use my productivity.

Have you already realized it? It is only one month left until Christmas Eve. And not only Christmas music returns into my playlist, but also Christmas markets are built and first mulled wine is sipped. So I especially did during the last two weekends that I both spent in Dusseldorf for professional reasons. It's been the last two visits within the next months as my strategy project is over now. A week ago we had a presentation workshop that was extremely useful for our final presentation that took place on Friday this week. Beforehand I was very nervous since the presentation was not only held in front of executive managers but also because we put 6 months of hard work into it. In the end all went well and the feedback was more than positive, and the same helpful for our further development. Then, on Friday afternoon, both project teams were invited to an art gallery to get the mind cleared: We painted - in my case - Christmas presents. And finally, Friday night, we strolled through the city of Dusseldorf and tried a few bars and clubs before I headed back to France early in the morning.
Also Starbucks is in Christmas mood!
Business view
New Breuninger shopping mall om Dusseldorf with exclusive brands. I love!
How will my Christmas decoration look like this year?
Spooky I
Spooky II
Most frequented place: Gare de l'Est in Paris
My artwork: LUCK & first Christmas present this year
I can smell the mulled wine... only 1 month left
Now, another fulfilling chapter is closed. Well, on the one hand I am very relieved as the project was a lot of work on top. On the other hand I am pretty sure that I will miss our weekly mobile conferences and the fun we had together. I want to underline that my project team consisted of great - different - people that make this talent program to a very nice on. We hopefully see each other within the next months because they are not only colleagues, but friends.

Though, it was not only the project that kept me busy. Another really important event is happening in this month. What that is, I will tell you next week. I only want to say: BE WILD. Speaking of that, I will go to bed now.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Nighty mighty walk

Good morning,

A turbulent weeks lies behind me. As usual a lot to do, but moreover a business trip to Dusseldorf which I've just come back from and a lot of thinking. Thinking about me. Thinking about my life.

It might be the dark weather outside that turns me into that mood or the social environment but it is certain that I question a lot these times: Where do I want to go? Was this school really a good choice for me? What is my plan for the future? Who am I for real? Am I involved into too much? Is the stress driving me crazy? And so on and so on. In order to get my mind cleared, I tried two measures:
First, while temperature fell below 0°C for the first time, I headed outside and went for a walk. Only me and my thoughts. It was the first time that I really sensed the city I am living in and couldn't resist to take some snapshots. After an hour I came back, as if I had been on holidays, since this timeout was exactly what I needed.
Then, the day afterwards I met my best friend from my first two years of universities who is now studying in Spain. It was not only great to see her, but also to talk to someone who fully understands you. It eventually turned out that she is in the same situation that I am. Same questioning. No answers.

I can tell you that I haven't found the answers yet and hope that they will develop within the next weeks, months and even years. Moreover I believe that I can't find them alone but that friends, family, experiences, inspirations and defeats will shape them together with me. The only thing I know is that I should listen to myself more often and take the time for me when I need it most. Everyone who is suffering stress, uncertainties and defeats should do the same.

With this melancholic post, I wish you a great week and see you in a week! Then I will let you know why "Sunday morning" isn't possible right now :)

Monday, 11 November 2013

If I lose myself

Hi everyone,

It's far beyond morning although I've just got up after I slept the entire day. Right, after a crazy weekend at the WHU Euromasters I arrived back here this noon and then went straight to bed - until now.

Euromasters: Already two years ago I raved about this event, so there was no question that I would participate again this year. Instead of playing soccer as anticipated I ended up cheerleading which was as much fun as always. So what's it about?
2000 students from all over Europe (France, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany) come to a little village called Vallendar somewhere in Germany. The host university WHU is organizing the event which is a mixture of sports and parties. The entire day you are in the gym cheering for your teams and competing in different disciplines. We unfortunately couldn't win any of the trophies but we supported each other strongly. Highlight is the cheerleading competition by the end of the competitions on Saturday afternoon. We were extremely nervous beforehand but once you are on stage, you can only enjoy the atmosphere and rocking the house! After the long exhausting days, two parties followed on the agenda: "Cirque de Nuit" on Friday and "NEON" on Saturday. It was a blast, I can tell ya'!

Enough written, let's speak videos and pictures for themselves. Impressions can be found on or on their facebook page.

Cirque de nuit
CESEM at Opening Ceremony
Our performance
And this years Euromasters Hymn to finish - cannot wait to come next year!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sweet Paris!

Paris at night
I might be a few hours late writing this, but it was worth it: I spent the weekend in Paris with my Mom. And how much I already miss it ! I immediately could jump back on a train in order to stroll through the streets, to sit in a lovely cafe or to go to a concert. Not only was it great to see my Mom again but we also explored one of our favourite cities: We went to Bercy Village (Cour St Emilion), a passage with cafes and shops that are located in old trading houses at Paris' East side. Then we also went to a Chopin concert in the city's oldest church: St Julien le Pauvre. Both nights we spent at friends' with a lot of wine and cheese that instantly transported my Mom back to her twenties when she was living here. And now I am in my twenties, studying only a stone throw away and maybe completing my internship in exactly the same place. Destiny?
Bercy Village
Cookies at La Cure Gourmande - J'adore!
Another side of Paris: La Défense
La grande Arche
Luckily, I am coming back in another two weeks. Although it is only for a day, I am so looking forward to this timeout. When I head back to Reims this afternoon, I felt sad. Even the weather expressed my feelings: Sun in Paris and rain (again!) in Reims. Since I benefited from the weekend to a full extent, I am now sitting at my desk, looking for my motivation that has been hiding for a couple of days now. Tomorrow another presentation. Tonight another cheerleading session as we have our big tournament in less than 5 days (this implicates a delayed post next Sunday as well, I am very sorry). All these dead lines and duties here paralyze me. 
So, in order to survive my daily tress, it is busy Paris that keeps me calm. A très bientôt!