Sunday, 8 December 2013

There's something under the Christmas tree.

Good morning and happy 2nd Advent!

Today, it's about presents (= gifts, for all my American readers) . I can't believe it, but I got pretty much all of them during the last week although I should have been occupied with learning. Yeah, should.

It's the same problem every year: What is the perfect present for my beloved ones? Then, I click through the Internet - Amazon, Zalando, Pinterest, blogs. Like a crazy one, I stroll through the city and have a quick and hectic look into the boutiques. Even as a very organised person, I cannot call me so for Christmas time, though. I admire those who start taking notes throughout the year to be not stressed in December. Maybe I have just this problem because I never know what to put on my wish list myself and that I transfer this habit to others automatically. (This year it was pretty easy for me: iPhone 5. All that matters).

So, here a few insights into this year's presents since I assume (hope!) that the concerned persons don't read my blog.

  • SOS Present: I was invited to a party yesterday where everyone had to bring a present. I wasn't prepared at all, so I grabbed a bottle of good (!) wine, some exquisite chocolate and wrote a nice poem about the person. My tip for all late-in-time-strugglers!
  • Perfume: When I was in Paris a month ago, I went to the Fragonard Shop to let my Mom try some fragrances. And then I ordered the best one for her on their website. Let's see whether she will be surprised or whether she has already guessed something. 
  • Bracelets: Normally, I am not patient enough for tinkering. But for my friends I wanted to have something special and personal, so I designed bracelets in a store only 2 minutes from my apartment away. I chose charms that reflect their personalities. Simple and effective.
SOS present: Wine & exquisite chocolate
Perfume samples
For my Mom
For my friends
I hope you could get a little inspiration with this post. If not, check out some ideas here (Pinterest, in general, is a great inspiration), here, here and here.

But before I end today, let me tell you the best news and probably one of the greatest Christmas presents ever:
Another internship is on my plan (this time: Project Financial Controlling) - as you know, they keep me quite busy here. But with the location, a dream comes true. So guys, if you have any hints for an apartment, let me know, please! It's so hard to find something that is well located - but never mind how much I will spend, I guess, it's worth it.

P.S. You might have wondered where the music comes from: I thought of including a little Christmas playlist coming from my favourite Christmas movies to bring some festive atmosphere to the blog.

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