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Dusseldorf, Germany

Okay, I know that Dusseldorf is not the place to be. And I admit that it is not amongst "1000 places to see before you die". However as a former resident I want to give you tips for a stay in Dusseldorf. You never know.

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  • Hütte91: Each room was differently designed by an artist. Prices vary from low to mid budget.
  • Hotel Orangerie: Located at my favourite square in Dusseldorf, the Hotel Orangerie has some nostalgic touch that I cannot resist. Though, it is in the middle of the city.
  • Auszeit: "Auszeit" means timeout. And this hotel doesn't offer less: it is nearby the big park Volksgarten and within some stops with the train you are in the heart of Dusseldorf.
  • Stage 47: A design hotel in the middle of the city, between central station and famous Königsallee, offers luxuriously equipped and designed suites and rooms.
  • Villa Viktoria: A very classical facade hides 40 rooms and suites in the Northern district of Derendorf. With its beautiful garden, the breakfast on the terrace is an extraordinary experience.  
  • A Midi: My favourite spot for lunch - easy dishes and a great backyard to flee from reality.
  • Himmel & Ähd: You might think that avoiding Bolkerstrasse allows you not to eat typical German food. Well, I send you to Himmel & Ähd where you get the same-called dish.
  • Don Sushi: Probably it is not the best Sushi in entire Dusseldorf but it has an awesome price-quality-balance. Besides Sushi taste their Tempura: You find a manual to eat it on each table.
  • Bistro Zicke: I always have difficulties to find good restaurants in the Old Town that are no touristic nap. Bistro Zicke is one of them: simple but high quality dishes, a great mixture of young and old people and some bohemian flair.
  • Eigelstein: In Dusseldorf you drink "Alt"-beer and in Cologne you stick to "Kölsch"-beer. However the Eigelstein only sells Kölsch and is therefore a foreigner in Dusseldorf. As the location next to the harbour invited for lunch this restaurant is a good option.
  • Malinas: I am a huge fan of Polish food! The green painted walls and the local decorations such as preserving jars beam you to Poland in order to spend a great night with family while having traditional dishes.
Bars & Nightlife
  • NRW-Forum: I went here in order to see the Rankin photography exhibition but was immediately caught by the cosy atmosphere of the round bistro. Not only for museum goers!
  • Kassette: Two streets away from my former place, this bar was more a living room with its Chester couches to me. Great choice of beer, some live music events and free literature to overcome boring nights.
  • Ufer 8: On Thursday nights, after work parties welcome the business men and women. Pay only three Euros and enjoy really good dance and house music.
  • Rudas Studios: The posh club in the harbour is known for its celebrity public. Though, I prefer the live bands that are truly stunning and make the club alive. 
  • Rosie's: Near the Kö, the Rosie's is the bar to have a cocktail with friends. And if someone is hungry, he or she will certainly find a delicious snack on the menu (that changes each night).
  • Kwadrat: Situated in a hidden side street of Nordstrasse, the Kwadrat is perfect for some talk with friends or to read some books. I personally like the 70ies style and their hot chocolate.
  • Bar Apartment: Nerds, young mothers, students - here all kind of people meet and the chatty atmosphere attracts me each time to come back again. In summer I like watching the hustle on the square in front of the cafe.
  • 3Raum Bistro: I lived in front of this bistro that is known for welcoming service, good dishes and the atmosphere you want to show to your best friends for having a cup of tea.
  • Kucheneck, Bilker Allee 233: Simply the best cakes in Dusseldorf, the Kucheneck is not more than a tiny spot next to a gas station with only space for one table inside. A daily choice of 10 cakes and nostalgic music perfect this cafe.
  • Sugarbird Cupcakes: There are two boutiques in Dusseldorf, one located in the middle of the Old Town where you get the fancy cupcake variations and other snacks. You feel like in a barbie world as walls are painted pinkish, but this fits just perfectly to the offered products.
  • Woyton: Thanks to this coffee shop I was able to be connected to Internet throughout my stay in Dusseldorf. So free Wi-Fi is only one advantage. Next to great juices, delicious coffee and handy snacks.
  • Kauf dich glücklich: Women and men will find a new outfit in the heart of Dusseldorf. And by far better than all the shopping malls that you fond around Kö and Schadowstrasse.
  • Kleidsam: Nowadays it is rather difficult to find a well-organised boutique with friendly service. But at Kleidsam I found it as they have a good choice of labels that women love. 
  • Villa Oliva: Admittedly, I have a weakness for vintage items. These, clothes (like Lena Hoschek) and more decoration material is offered at Villa Oliva, a little shop in Southern Dusseldorf. 
  • Fashionesta: Sometimes you urge for a designer piece and you hate your wallet for its emptiness! To overcome this issue, I suggest this outlet store. Obviously, you need to be lucky to find your dream dress, but believe me: it happens from time to time.
  • Unterhaltung: While walking through some streets on a rainy Saturday, my heart suddenly lightened up when I saw Unterhaltung. Small designer brands expose their beautiful clothes here, thus shopping becomes a unique experience!
  • Perlenreich: Diamonds are a girl's best friend... or pearls. A wide range of all sorts of materials and colours can be found in this shop. Consequently individual pieces of jewelry are designed, corresponding to each individual customer.
  • Schloss Benrath: The pink castle is situated only 15 minutes outside city centre and it is worth a visit. Not only the museum inside, but especially the symmetric park are eye-catching.
  • Volksgarten: As a nature lover, I even need some green spots in a city. The Volksgarten is the perfect place to relax on a sunny weekend, to have a picnic or to walk out the dog.
  • K21: Although I don't like museums too much, the K21 with its modern art works surprised me positively - maybe because of the building's architecture. And don't miss the modern bar under the rooftop. Just top.
  • : The Königsallee, abbreviated Kö, is the shopping boulevard in Dusseldorf: Louis Vuitton, Prada, Abercrombie & Fitch or Tiffany's are only few that string together. If you want to spend some money or just have a look at people with a lot of it, keep walking the sidewalk.
  • Relax: In summer, the fountain in the courtyard of the "Museum Kunstpalast" is a lovely spot to hang out as canvas chairs are positioned.
Special recommendation
  • This time I recommend the toilet in the Maxhaus which belongs to the catholic church. Historic relics can be found and are exposed in the vaulted cellar, as well as the freshly renovated toilets. But please leave a donation at the reception or combine the visit with the well-respected restaurant Klosterhof.
More information
Personal data
  • Travelling Dates: August 2012 - January 2013
  • Accommodation: Lived in Oberbilk, near the Volksgarten park
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