Sunday, 31 August 2014

Wrap Up

Hello and a happy Sunday!

In less than an hour, I jump on my train back to Reims where I will study for my last year of my bachelors degree. The end of summer holidays signifies an end for summer in my eyes. Actually, I am ready for autumn - for layering, for classical music, for tea and cookies. To finish this great month appropriately, I thought to come back to my little summer resolutions. I am more than happy to announce that there is only one single point that I didn't accomplish.
  1. Going on a tour around Lake Geneva. Whether it might be by bike or by car, it has been 5 years that I have missed this option.
    - CHECK, I toured 180 km by car with my Mom
  2. Remembering my great trip to South-East Asia thanks to this delicious Thai curry recipe.
    - CHECK, even my brother liked it :-)
  3. Choosing my favourite images of my immense photo stock in order to make a collage for my room in university.
    - CHECK, I will share the new decoration idea once I've installed the collage. 
  4. Compiling a short list of universities/ business schools that I apply for my master's degree.
    - CHECK. It's getting serious and I will share the place I move to once I am accepted. 
  5. Exploring Spain in a total new way. Instead of hotel resorts on the Canary Islands or other major touristic places, it is time to discover Spain's real treasures.
    - CHECK, here's my post about Madrid and Oliva
  6. Visiting the Aiguille de Midi in the French Alps. With two friends stopping by in August this touristic adventure shouldn't be a leftover anymore, should it?
    - FAIL. I unfortunately didn't make it yet I went hiking a couple of times and enjoyed the view on the Mont Blanc. 
  7. Preparing this summer cocktail for a little cocktail party on our terrace.
    - CHECK, although I didn't go for the exact same cocktail but due to a huge stock of Absolut Vodka, I checked out their recipes. 
  8. After having tasted home made bread every single day in Iceland, I came to the conclusion to bake some different kinds myself from now on. Do you know some nice recipes?
    - CHECK. 
  9. Subscribing for a class at Coursera in order to broaden my horizon. I plan to choose a non-business topic.
    - CHECK, I am nearly "graduating" in Entrepreneurship and think that online classes are a great way to enlarge know-how. 
  10. Updating my iPhone with friends' current addresses. Every time I send postcards I must scroll through ancient Whatsapp messages in which we once exchanged them. For best friends this procedure takes hours and is simply too annoying with all the trips I do. Moreover, as I have lots of friends who frequently change their addresses, I am planning to design a lovely online version - I keep you updated.
    - CHECK, a friend in Vancouver received my first online postcard and I managed to update my iPhone. 
That's it for today as I must rush a little for my train. Everyone who is also going back to uni this week: I wish you a great start and all the luck for another new chapter!

Fresh bread is a routine that I will include into my daily life.
180 km around the lake (here on the French South side)
Back of the postcard (in German) - how do you like it?
Another shot from the Swiss Alps
Thai curry

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