Wednesday, 3 September 2014

180 KM

Hi everybody!

Sometimes you sit in your bed at night and suddenly, there is this idea in your mind that sticks forever. This is what happened to me by the beginning of this year: While I have been close to Lake Geneva for 6 years now, I have never ever tried to circle it. Neither by car, nor by bike. In fact, most of the cities on the other side of the lake were even totally unknown to me, thus I decided to include it into my summer resolutions. Originally I planned to do it by bike but due to bad weather and - okay let's be honest - a lack of motivation, I finally took the comfortable car and my Mom with me to see all the beauty of Lake Geneva. It's all about mountains, beaches, packed streets around Geneva and Lausanne, people who refill water bottles at natural sources, stunning landscapes, two countries (Switzerland and France) and a feeling of freedom that is so typical on such road trips.


The Evian Casino
Speaking of a road trip...
Venetian canals near Montreux
Chateau de Chillon
Terrasses de Lavaux
Little girl drinking fresh EVIAN Water

Once again I can only recommend to visit what's right in front of you - it would be a shame to miss it. I also recommend to check out the Brasserie du Savoy in Evian. Their food is amazing and even the appetizers come in huge portions!

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