Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Toast Time

Tomato-walnut pesto with flavoured beef, tomatoes, lettuce and Italian herbs

I am not a fan to jump on the bandwagon but I do with today’s post: Toasts.
Actually, I would have never thought to dedicate an entire post to a slice of bread although toast has always played an important role in my life: I usually start my day with 2 slices, well spread with strawberry jam (like my child hero Paddington bear). In school, my mom often packed toast sandwiches into my lunch bag that I then found soaked through by mayonnaise by time of lunch.

Lately, toasts have really boomed. You find them on more and more restaurant menus and there is not a single food blogger who hasn't written about toast. Last week my friends and I decided to come together in order to cook – well, WHAT was actually the question. So I came up with the ideas of toasts that everyone appreciated lively. We compiled our favourite combos with a variety of ingredients.

Veggie: honey mustard, cucumbers and cranberries
Sweet: home made apricot jam, nectarine slices and crumbled LION flakes

Hungry now? Based on our great night that we accompanied with some sparkling wine, I compiled the following (non exhaustive) ingredients in order to help you to make your toast. As we did, I’d rather go for one ingredient from each category to fully provoke a taste explosion. What's your favourite combo? If you want, you can leave a comment with your ideas to inspire each other to try new creations.
Bon app├ętit!

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