Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Love Letter

Thank you for this time

Cher Paris,

I love the lights besides the Seine River when the sun gently starts to sink. The majestic buildings turn from dirty grey to warm orange and only minutes later into romantic pink until they totally vanish in the darkness a blink afterwards. A light summer breeze touches my undone hair. I sip my glass of cold white wine. Eventually I simply feel like part of you and don't want to leave you ever again.

You are beautiful, inspiring and overwhelming. Let it be with cidre or wine, with baguette or crepes, with friends or alone. Every single time I enjoyed my time spent with you. I started to love you once I arrived with my suitcases at the Gare de Lyon. Being with you made me feel like a real woman, so mature, to have the liberty to have chosen you. During the last seven months, I even exploited you in a certain way: I had to see this and that, wanted to visit new places every single weekend and I was always in a rush. This rush and all these activities pushed my energy and it was like this typical relationships when you are in love as a teenager. I spent all the time with you and only realize now that it might have been too much. Given my restricted time, I had to so and I don't regret any single second. But it is not surprising that I feel exhausted today. I am tired of honking cars, stinging smells, lost tourists that try to find their places besides you if there is even left one. I hardly know whether there was ever a place for me...

Once calmed down, I realized that your pace and lifestyle don't necessarily match with mine. I am a girl from the countryside, I grew up with nature all around me and the privilege to go outside and breathe the freshest air one can imagine. I am not offending you at all. You are great and I wouldn't have wanted to miss the last months with you, but today I am confident enough and also happy to say, that it is time to leave you. As a nomad I am ready for new places, I want to embrace new adventures to eventually determine my place on this planet - or maybe I will be on the move all my live, who knows.
Together we share so many positive memories that it would be childish and stupid to ignore you in future. We are old enough to face that we are just not meant to be together forever. But our friendship - even if this a cliché - can hold for a very long time. Having said that, I will miss you and it won't be a long time until I stop by to say bonjour again.

Love, Svenja

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