Sunday, 17 August 2014

Oh Baby it's cold outside

Happy (belated) Sunday!

Having once again explored the beauty of the Swiss Alps during the weekend, I only now find a little bit of time to calm down and write this quick post update for you. At least it is Sunday and I feel this certain obligation to shoot a quick 'hi' to the online world. It’s been a week full of rain that made me wonder where summer has been. Not that I crave for temperatures beyond the 30° C mark, but I would wish for a warmer breeze. Instead of cosy summer nights on the terrace, I am sitting in bed with a cold.

I was lucky enough that my heart and mind is still filled with the warm summer atmosphere that I could soak up during my trip to Spain. Originally, I planned to share these memories with you today, but I couldn't find the time to prepare any worthy post which is why I have to postpone this step to later this week. Nonetheless, I wanted to quickly wish you a great start into the week and assure you that I will be back on track once I feel better and full of energy. I have plenty things to tell you!

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