Sunday, 24 August 2014

Open your eyes

Happy Sunday!

Discovering your home country is a thing that we ignore by far too often. We travel around the world, to exotic destinations and forget to explore the beauty that simply is a stone throw away. Thus, I took the opportunity during the week to drive through beautiful Switzerland in order to find stunning landscapes at the end of narrow valleys and to jump into crystal clear water by the end of the day. Add the delicious picnics on top of the mountains and chocolate bars for dessert and you keep asking yourself: Why on earth do I book flights to the end of the world?

Switzerland's capital: Bern
Swiss heritage
View on the Old Town of Bern
Gruyère - famous for its cheese
Mountains are a must
And what would be Switzerland without cows... and chocolate? 

Take this post as this week’s motivation to look outside and to appreciate the place you live in. Every part on this planet has its treasures that only have to be discovered. Believe me, you will be pretty astonished what you will find!

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