Sunday, 10 August 2014

Summer cliche

Good morning my dears,

Sun, lake, BBQ, friends, endless talks until the early morning - I am speaking of my personal summer cliché. Guess what my week was like! The first week back home has totally fulfilled (or maybe even surpassed) my expectations of a blissful summer and reached their highlight last night with the annual Geneva fireworks.
It feels good to have a place where you can relax without feeling remorseful and every year the same people come together. It is only then that you realize how fast a year passes by and how lucky you are that you have such close friends.
The best thing about last week is actually that I have another three weeks to come until I have to go back to uni. Three weeks with long nights, hot days, time to relax, fun activities... you see, the list is infinite. Not to forget all the time I have for blogging, so stay tuned for new travel reports and other ideas that will certainly follow the next weeks.

Sunday is fun day - enjoy it!

Lake + Mountains = Love
No perfect week without a hike
Morning run
Home is holidays
Start your day the right way!

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