Sunday, 2 February 2014

On the rooftops

View on the Opera house
Happy Sunday!

I might be changing this blog's name to "C'est le dimanche soir" (= evening) since I don't seem able to post on the right time of day. But again, this week I have an extremely nice excuse: The weather!

The last two days the weather in the French capital has been so nice that I couldn't resist to go out. Therefore my friends and I decided to take famous Velib' - the bike stations that you can find throughout the entire city. It is such a great and cheap trip (at least when they work properly, you bring them back at the right time and you change them every hour...)!
With these bikes you can easily go from one place to another and this is how I found great spots: We had lunch at the Deli-Cieux (on top of the Printemps department store where I definitely will live after work in summer) and went up the Centre George Pompidou as it was free for us students today. Thumbs up for this lovely day!

Except work - yes, I still don't like my internship - my whole week was as good as this Sunday. I met lots of friends for drinks, went out on Friday and Saturday, had a picnic in the Jardin Luxembourg (with typical French Baguette and Camembert) and tried to enjoy the city as much.

Now I have to leave you, me friends, because I want to cook some Chili con Carne for my flatshare to thank them for having me here for over a month. Though, this will be over on Tuesday when I will be moving into my little apartment in the middle of Paris. You get an update once I am settled there! Enjoy your week!

View from Deli-Cieux
Golden rooftops
I can easily imagine a good glass of wine here...
From Trocadéro
Restaurant "Georges" on top of Centre Pompidou
View on Sacre Coeur from Centre Pompidou
La Défense at night


  1. I love it!
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  2. schöner blog mit tollen bildern! folge dir jetzt über bloglovin und würde mich freuen wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbeischaust, vielleicht kann ich dich ja auch bald als neue leserin begrüßen <3
    alles liebe Jil