Thursday, 13 February 2014

Olympic Games Sochi 2014

Happy Thursday!

From time to time (okay, let's say every week) I mention how crazy I am about winter and sports. No surprise, that Sochi is currently my all day activity. Well, right, I do work... let's say I try to combine both the best way possible.
How? Having a live score open all day is a good start. It allows you to easily switch between Excel sheets, mails and the suspense in the snow. Then there is also the possibility to record an entire day on a hard disk in order to start a comfortable TV night with crisps, candies in Olympic colours and some drinks (so happened yesterday!). And for those who don't have any recorder, the Internet is still one of the best options since lots of channels provide videos in their online media center. 

Let's do a quick recap what has happened so far (and what I consider to be important):

I hope you like such kind of posts but I thought that the Olympics are far too unnoticed in today's blogger world. Of course, I am interested in fashion and lifestyle but what about the Olympic spirit that reunites people from all over the world to pass two weeks of passion and happiness?

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