Monday, 27 January 2014

Ski activities

Have I already mentioned that weather was impeccable?

Good Morning!

Yes, it is Monday morning. And I didn't post anything yesterday - believe me, I feel as if I have betrayed you and myself.
But at least there is a simple reason for my absence on Sunday and those of you following me on Instagram already got a sneak peak (@svenjacole): I went back home to my parents, primarily to go skiing. As loyal readers, you are probably aware of my passion for mountains and snow. Therefore I packed my stuff on Friday afternoon, took a 3hrs train back home and enjoyed winter, snow and sports in a cosy atmosphere.

Homecoming is not only great because your Mom cooks your favourite food (Raclette!) but it is also the opportunity to relax a little since everything is pretty much organised. Well, relaxing wasn't that much on my agenda, since I went up at 7AM on Saturday to go to the Grand Bornand and did cross-country skiing on Sunday (as a lack of fitness, I had to give up after 8km...) - but still it's been lovely to come back. Furthermore I had the chance to meet some friends the other night and we were in the bar for more than 5hrs, talking & drinking. I love such kinds of nights and to exchange all the news that have been occured during the last couple of months.

Now, I sit here in the office, writing this post. My first meeting is only in 10 minutes, so I should be fine. I wish you a great week & talk to you soon!

Little village on top of the moutains
Even if Paris is great, my love will always be the mountains.

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