Sunday, 9 February 2014

Rouanaise Happiness

Valentine's day. Remember it

Good morning my dears,

As I've already shown in this post, I moved this week. Every time I now enter my small apartment, I feel so happy and can't stop inviting friends over to my place of which I am a bit proud of. On Friday, after work, a couple of friends went over to have an aperitif and some snacks. Afterwards we climbed beautiful Montmarte in order to enjoy the stunning view over Paris and to chat over a good dinner. Also on Thursday, when I went to Centre Pompidou at night to visit the exhibtion, the outlook from top of the museum on lights and glittery streets was another highlight. I don't know how I will manage when I must leave Paris in summer. It already turns me sad.

But France is not only Paris, Paris. I mean, it has lots of other lovely cities that are worth a visit. So I speak of Rouen where I went yesterday with a friend. It is a very sweet city with lots of narrow streets and picturesque buildings. Furthermore it is known for its amount of churches that can be found throughout the entire city and that underline some kind of medieval touch. And of course, Rouen is famous for the place where Jeanne d'Arc was burned some centuries ago. Unfortunately, we got stuck at night since the station had to be closed due to a suspect suitcase. But after some beers and new people that obviously where in the same uncomfortable situation , we eventually could take our train back to Paris and get home. Indeed, this is what Paris is for me.

So getting back to work tomorrow, I wish you a pleasant week with some Olympic updates coming up. Bisous!

Winterly Caption
Shopping Street in Rouen
Street of Clock
Church Tower I
Typically Rouen
Church Tower II
Seine Lights in Rouen

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