Friday, 14 February 2014

A Chance for Love

Hi everyone,

It's me again. I know, it's quite uncommon for me that I write you two days in a row but today is the 14th and I just couldn't resist. You know what I am talking about... Valentine's day.

No, I won't tell you what you should wear for your date tonight and I also don't give you a last-minute wish list for presents. That is not my style. In fact, even if I am a romantic person who loves watching kitsch movies, I have never had a deep connection to that day.

Actually, I re-defined the meaning of the day. Speaking to you as a single person, I want to encourage all singles, mingles (google it, if you aren't familiar with this new-kind-of-fashionable term) and of course happy couples, to see that day as a chance to give love to whomsoever. It is not only about a wonderful relationship between you and your partner, it is also a day to remember and appreciate love between you and your brother, your sister, your parents, your best friends, your caring neigbour, your beloved cat - the list could go on forever. It also includes yourself: Love yourself, be proud of what you do, care for you. Personally, I often have the feeling that in this stressful world love for ourselves is totally forgotten. Yet, when we love ourselves, it is so much easier to give love to others.

I, for myself, have the luck that I spend this day with my Mom. But I also took it as an opportunity to write to my brother in Australia, my Dad in the US, my friends all over Europe to show them that distance doesn't matter.

Have a wonderful Valentine's day!

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