Sunday, 19 January 2014

An Intern's Life

Sexy shoes in the factory to protect my tiny little feet
Happy Sunday!

Two weeks have passed since I have started my internship and I thought that today is a good day to tell you how I feel about it so far.

I work in the Controlling department of a very technical company, more precisely I deal with turbines most of the time. Yes, it sounds as sexy as it is. Though, I must say that the choice to try something different from Marketing was a good one since I feel very comfortable with all these numbers and excel sheets. Still, I would be happier if behind them some Chanel bags waited.
As the environment is pretty technical, people are it as well. I work with (male) engineers the entire day, there are only a few that completed business studies as I do. Most of them are really nice to me although some of them are kind of geeky (that's normal for this sector, isn't it?). All the women working here adapt to this "geekiness", so high heels are nowhere to be seen and short hair cuts are on the daily agenda. I, with my interest in fashion and accessories, stand out in this environment and hope that I avoid any kind of adaption throughout the next months (hell, no!).
It is true that for the moment I have only small tasks to do because technical terms and controlling are both new to me. Of course, I hope that I will be more occupied in future because I cannot spend the whole day reading blogs, even if it's very (or maybe even more) interesting.
Regarding the company offers, I can be truly satisfied. Okay, we are located in one of the most dangerous Parisian suburbs, but still accessible by metro. Therefore it is about 45 minutes to get to work in the morning which is very normal for Paris. Moreover I benefit from a cafeteria that is very cheap: 1.50 to 3.50 € for a meal or even menu is so reasonable compared to other interns in town. And last but not least we have a media center where I can rent DVDs, CDs, BlueRays and books for free.
So what to say in conclusion? It is an internship in which I can deepen my knowledge of Controlling but it won't be the company I want to work for later. Still, I wish for a little bit more work in future and think that a "girlier" atmosphere might be more suitable for me.

Obviously, there is not much time left when you work the entire day. The nights I spent with friends, watching movies or visiting apartments (I found one and will be moving by end of this month, then you get some shots). The last two nights I was out with friends and had so much fun! And don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin!

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