Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New new new

No, wait, you aren't wrong here - this is still c'est le dimanche matin, but - as you can see - with a slightly new design. As to begin the new year appropriately, I also wanted to change a few things on my blog.
  • Design: A lighter design but the green details are still present. Yet I cannot tell whether I will stick to it but for now I am very happy with it. 
  • Social Media: It is most likely that I am one of the latest adopters but during holidays I discovered Instagram and Pinterest to their full extent. Better late than never! So, I included their direct links into my header. 
  • Content: No, the content won't be changing. I will still post about everything in my life, from food to travels to fashion to fun facts. For a better overview, I added subcategories so that you can easily find the posts you are looking for. 
  • Regularity: Whereas I've stuck to the rule to post on Sunday morning (with some delays...) for more than two years now, I might from now on posting during the week as well. Of course, my Sunday morning tradition will be continued but when I find some exciting stories throughout the week, they will be posted immediately. 
  • Travitips: Some of you might know that I've also been writing another blog but managing two blogs at the same time is by far too much. Consequently, I merged the two and you can now find the travel reports here
  • Anonymity: For now, my blog was quite anonymous which I want to change a little. Well, my name is Svenja, 21 years old and I living in Paris for 6 months. What I like, what I do and where I go, you can see in every post that I am writing. 
You might wonder why I spend my New Years Eve organising my blog. Since I plan to go skiing tomorrow morning, I rather prefer to stay home and enjoy a calm start of the new year with good champagne and stories in front of the fireplace.
I hope you like the changes as much as I do and wish you all the best for 2014! 

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