Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sale Shopping

Bonjour, bonjour,

Ok guys, I don't know how stupid I could have been for so long. How could I ever go shopping throughout the year, not remembering sales period? From now on, I shop twice a year - June and January - and save my money until then to buy myself great things.

You might want to hear (or not) about how my first days in Paris were and especially how my first week of internship was, but I must disappoint you: It's about fashion today.
Sales begun here on Wednesday and since I had no time then, I started to enter the boutiques the day after. As a girl from the countryside that has never seen sales signs with 70% written on it, I was stunned by the offers I can get in Paris after Christmas. Next time, I tell my Mom to buy presents in January.

So, let me tell you a little story that underlines my experience with this special time of the year:
When I went to Printemps, the luxury warehouse, I discovered great Marc Jacobs clutches in the hall. AND THEN, I realized that they were 50% off. I grabbed one and adored it a long time until a saleswoman came and asked how she could help me. Of course, I wanted to be sure that I got the signs the right way and asked about the discount. She simply answered: 60% off. My mouth stood open and I repeated her words (I screamed them and everyone in the radius of 10 meters looked at me): 60% off?! Oh my God. I love this city. And I love sales.

Well, in the end, I didn't buy the clutch because I couldn't think of any nice occasion to wear it, but I nevertheless did a few other good choices. Here we go: 7 pieces for 105 €. See what I mean?

Shirt (Mango) - Skirt (Vanessa Steward & APC)
Navy Suit (Mango)
Bra (H&M) - Top (Mango)
P.S. If you are in Paris, check out the 7th floor of Printemps in the Blvd Haussmann that is normally not accessible. Isabel Marant and other great designers 70% off. Run!

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