Sunday, 2 June 2013

Time to say goodbye

My dears,

It's been a stressful day, therefore I only found some time to write something now. Have you ever moved in again after having lived alone for two years? This is actually my case and took me about 2 hours to integrate my own stuff into my parents' household. It's not entirely perfect but it will work until September when I will continue my studies in France.
Petanque with friends
So. This. Was. It. Two years with great fellow students in a German Business School are over and 50% of my Bachelor's degree are done. The last week was a mixture of happiness and sadness. We spent a lot of time together, celebrated after our last exam, celebrated each night - but also said goodbye. And I cannot deny that I even cried because I am pretty sure that I won't see some people until graduation in two years. To keep the memories I took hundreds of pictures (my recharger is back!) and I created a list of memorable songs in Spotify. Thank you all for these great years!
Beer shower
End of the world - Pirates!
But not only the time with my friends was over, but it was also time to say goodbye for my brother as it was his high school graduation the last two days. Besides meeting old teachers and friends, we had great nights with amazing food, lots of speakers, a nice framework program and the possibility to wear nice dresses. Bro, I am very proud of you and wish you all the best for your future. Love you.

Back at home, I will now conquer my beloved kitchen (Asparagus is on the menu). I plan to stay the next weeks here in order to do... nothing. I feel exhausted and need some time for my family and myself. These weeks are the best to end projects that have been forgotten or to prepare some great posts for you. I am looking forward to this summer and will share these moments with you!

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