Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sweet dreams are made of... junk food

Good morning my dears,

This week was amazing.
I mean, in general. Although it started off with a handful of exams (that I passed ok, I think), it turned out to be great. Since Wednesday I spent each minute with my beloved friends that I won't see for two years as we all leave to different countries for our studies: Spain, Mexico, France, Italy, USA,... Therefore we enjoy our last days together the best we can.

Party in the for students free club. Baking a cake instead of preparing for the next exam. Drinking cocktails the night before the exam. Playing soccer for an entire afternoon. Watching Topmodel and backbiting about the models' bodies. Celebrating the victory of Bayern Munich in the Champions League. Shopping for the next motto parties. Booking a one week trip to Lisbon (any tips from your side?). Or - as I will do in some minutes - brunching for three hours.

I tried to capture some of these great memories in the following pictures (still my stupid smartphone cam).
Brain food
Pizza with fries. SO normal. 
Champions League Final
Carrot Pie with a lot of chocolate
As you know, end of term means also motto parties. This time: Pirates - to the end of the world. Any creative ideas to not look like the typical pirate or Jack Sparrow? Mermaid? Treasure? I need you help.

And for all fashion lovers amongst you, I fell in love with Vivaluxury. I wish I could jump into a plane and let my skin kiss in the Californian sun.

With this short notice I wish you a great start in the week and try to focus on my last exam tomorrow.

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