Sunday, 23 June 2013

Beach is calling

Happy Sunday!

As loyal readers you know that I am currently exploring Portugal, more precisely Lisbon. Therefore I have prepared a post that fits to my vacation: What are my essentials when I go to the beach? And how do I work out to get a beach body? Those questions will be answered today while a detailed Lisbon description follows next week. Have fun!

My beach essentials
My favourite bikinis: Yes or No triangle bikini - Hollister bandeau bikini
Hat (French market) - Sun glasses (Ray Ban) - Flip Flops (Cobian)
Protection: Sunscreen (Nivea) - Sun protection (Solar Nutri Protect System, L'Oréal)
Magazines - Bag (Lacoste) - Sun protectors (Nivea & L'Oréal)
  • Bikini: It is mandatory for me to have at least two bikinis: a girly one to flirt and a sporty one to do activities. In my case the girly one is a blue Hollister model with a bandeau top. It is perfect to get tanned without annoying tan lines. I bought the green sporty one only last week but it serves its purpose perfectly. As my skin is really pale I'd rather go for flashy colours and patterns. 
  • Flip flops: The kind of "shoes" that everyone should have. Especially useful for the beach as sand easily goes off. I like robust flip flops that resist water and that have a Hawaiian style. 
  • Sun hat: It gives glamour to your outfit because only few women dare to wear hats (a shame!). I love my sun hat as a fashion item but it also protects my sensible skin in the face. To give it a more sophisticated touch, I like to wrap some nice foulards around it. 
  • Sun glasses: Yes, I go for the classic Wayfarer Ray Ban model. Since I saw them in the stores, I couldn't wait to get them and they are my daily companion. From the outside they look boring black but from the inside the underground map of New York appears. Surprise!
  • Sunscreen: All the dermatologists preach to take a lot of sunscreen. And I believe them. Not only because my skin is pale, but also because I am afraid of getting skin cancer. My skin colour doesn't change during my holidays and won't become darker, but I prefer this way of protecting myself instead of risking sun burns. Dear readers, please be aware of that danger! Besides, pale skin is a sign of nobleness. 
  • Sun protector: Adjacent to my skin protection, I also protect my hair that is exposed to the sun all day. My favourite product is the Solar Nutri Protect System from L'Oréal Professional. which works really well and smells like a fresh summer breeze. 
  • Bag: I need an appropriate bag for all my stuff and my Lacoste shopper is big enough to put everything into it. It is a really robust bag that is my steady companion for more than two years now. I don't regret any minute I spent with it!
  • Magazines: No beach without magazines or books. All said. 

Beach Body
  • Food: After my exam phase in May I had a really bad conscious. We ate so much pizza and pasta that I gained some pounds that I wanted to loose as fast as possible. Since I have been back home, I changed my behaviour: Fresh fruits, vegetables and only small portions in the evening. That doesn't mean that I don't indulge myself a burger, pizza or a cake from time to time. Though, I try to limit it. 
  • Drink: Juices are sly. They seem to be great (based on only vitamins they are!), but speaking of calories they are beastly. Next to soft drinks, I also limited my amount of fruit juices or I sometimes replace a meal by drinking a fresh pressed fruit juice. But best for our skin and body is water. Simple water. And if I need something hot, I grab a cup of tea because I just don't like coffee. 
  • Work out: Without sport the best diet is useless in my opinion. It is all about the balance in order to get a well shaped beach body. In my case, I work twice a day for about ten minutes: sit-ups, push-ups and lunges (full work out program here). I walk whenever I can. I take the stairs although the staircase is smiling at me. I go in-line skating once a week. I play tennis. I go hiking. I move. 
So that's it for today. I hope this insight helps you to get to know me better! Beijos de Lisboa!

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