Sunday, 16 June 2013

Every summer has its own story, soundtrack, love.

Good morning my dears,

Do you know this fear of having an injection needle being put on you arm? I would love to run away. As fast as I could. On Wednesday I had suffer this happening since I must get my mandatory vaccinations for South East Asia. I have always been afraid of this procedure and turning older doesn't change it at all.

Despite this negative experience this week, I really enjoyed every minute of it. My brother returned on Monday from lovely Barcelona and therefore he was forced to do a lot of activities with me: Teaching me how to drive a scooter, eating fresh beef burgers (here) and playing tennis. With the entire family I am heading to the lake in a few seconds - a huge sailing race that we watch is on the agenda!
Crystal blue ballerinas (maddison)
But I also needed time for me that I went - surprise, surprise - shopping. Sales are already ongoing and I thought that I was time for ballerinas. Crystal blue like the Caribbean ocean they bring a touch of the summer to every outfit. It is actually the first time that I possess two pairs of ballerinas which is quite untypical for a woman, isn't it?
Another fashion highlight was the announcement of H&M that this year's designer collaboration will be with the great French designer Isabel Marant. Much better than last year's Anna dello Russo...The 14th of November is already highlighted in my calendar because I need at least one of her pieces. Like, like, like!
On a hike
The balcony reminds me of Romeo & Juilet
I thank you very much for your tips for Lisbon. I am really looking forward to seeing this great city in less than two days! So long, I wish you all the best.

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