Sunday, 2 September 2012

Blue jeans vs. pencil skirt

Unbelievable but true: I even have a fourth flat mate. Also Spanish. I had to blurt out this incredible event just at the beginning of my post, I want to apologize for that.

Well, a week with a lot of work lies behind me but that doesn't interest anyone. I discovered more of this beautiful city, went out with friends again and had another good week. For instance, in front of my house, is one of the cosiest cafes I have been to so far. Lovely, good food and drinks. Just across the street.

At 2 PM on Friday my friend from Frankfurt explained to me that she would come to my place spontaneously in a few hours. This made Friday afternoon absolutely perfect and the rest of the weekend as well. After going out on Friday night, we yesterday visited another friend, had burgers and shopped at Haribo Outlet. 
Yummy I
Yummy II
Nostalgic train
What I really look forward to: Vogue Fashion's Night Out. It  takes place in Berlin on Thursday and the day after here in Duesseldorf. So don't miss the date: fashion shows, charity events, opening hours until midnight - dreams come true. I am pretty excited and will try to catch as much as possible with my camera. Maybe I meet some of you even there. (For more information click here)

Speaking of fashion, I will dedicate this post a little more to this topic, even if I am not an expert. But I like reading fashion blogs to get inspiration (see blog list). Now in my job, it is nearly impossible to experiment with fashion: my colleagues wear classic shades (grey, black, white) and cuts. Of course, I possess clothes which fit to this style but however the amount is rather small. So I try to mix and match some of my "normal" clothes with classic blouses to be dressed appropriate. The issue is that I love jeans. When I come home, the first thing I do, is to slip into simple blue jeans.
What do you wear in office? Have you any tricks to be dressed correctly but still with a touch of a fashionista? I would love to hear your ideas!

Thank you so much for reading and enjoy the week.

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