Sunday, 9 September 2012

Beauty to go

Dear readers, 

Of course I will promptly start with Friday night: Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. And it has fulfilled its promises to all extend. Fashion addicted people flooded the stores where we got champagne, water and diverse cocktails offered. As matter of fact, we headed to Burberry, DoDo (thank you for the delicious mango juice!), Louis Vuitton (thank you for this great Polaroid!), Longchamps, Prada, Gucci and Eickhoff. There we had the chance to meet Talbot, a German fashion designer duo, who designed individual dresses for paying clients. Instead of taking this opportunity, our make-up was refreshed by an Yves Saint Laurent artist who used a dramatic eye line and cherry red lips for me. Afterwards our nails were polished with limited Yves Saint Laurent nail polish in khaki. To come to an end: This night was pretty awesome and we had a lot of fun. Thank you Vogue!
Raspberry Cocktail at Tiffany's
Well, that's the event
Balloon at Louis Vuitton
In the last weeks I have felt slightly imbalanced. In order to figure out what the reason behind this state is, I thought of it most of the weekend. Diagnosis: I am missing my sports. I only feel it now as I had so much physical activity while being in the United States that was reduced to nearly 0 activity here. On Monday I already pinned an ad in the tennis club to find a partner to play with regularly – no response so far.  Moreover tennis seems to become more and more unattractive to most people. Therefore I yesterday started a new plan: looking for a fitness centre. Today I want to continue this search (7 centres I want to glimpse at) and until tomorrow night I will be member of one. 
What about you? Is sport an important part of your life? Are you even member of a fitness center?

I am now on my way to a flea market before enjoying the sun at the beach. Probably one of the last summer days that we catch today! All the best and a beautiful week!

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