Sunday, 26 August 2012

Auberge espagnole

Happy Sunday!

Tonhalle Duesseldorf
 4 topics that get today's attention.

The internship: My first week is now over and I must say that I am happy with my decision. The team is wonderful and supportive in every situation which I appreciate a lot. The last days were more about getting in touch with the company and all its abbreviations, so work was limited and it was rather calm for me. Upcoming weeks will be more stressful as I will get own projects, smaller tasks and meetings to attend.

The interns: On Wednesday a few interns and I met in the old town to have an after work beer. It was pretty nice with all of them which is why we decided to organise a party on Friday night as well. After having met at one guy's place, we went to a club in the city. Music was fine but the average age was about 10 years older than I am. I have never felt so young at one place, but being with the right people made this first nightlife experience to a fun event and we hopefully can continue these events in future.

The flat mates: As promised last week, I made a huge attempt to get to know my flat mates: Well, there is a Spanish guy who works from 1 - 10 PM, a rhythm that differs a lot from mine, therefore we rarely meet. Secondly there is an American who is invisible, too. We exchanged our names and that's all. Finally there is a Swedish kid who moved to Cologne yesterday. Admittedly I am a little sad because even we only have known each other for one week, we got pretty close and it might be a beginning of a friendship. As Cologne is around the corner, we want to visit each other. Now I can only hope that his successor is a sympathetic as he was. Eventually there might be a 4th flat mate but I don't know where he or she hides. Kind of crazy here.

The city: The more I get know Duesseldorf, the more I like it. The old town is cosy, people are open and the Rhine refreshes hot and humid days. To get rid of the stress, I go running in the Volksgarten that is just around the corner and a great recreation area. The Koenigsallee is a pompous street where I prefer shopping (next to Louis Vuitton and Chanel you find shops for little money, such as Zara or H&M).

Recreation area = museum

All in all, a pretty good week.
And we have the 50th post since I have started c'est le dimanche matin. Celebration time?

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