Monday, 17 September 2012

Northern lights

Feeling as if I betrayed you, my dear readers, I apologise for my unforeseen delay. At least I can come up with a plausible excuse: I spent the weekend in Hamburg at a friend's and had no Internet access this  morning. Only arrived a few minutes ago, I feed you with my post immediately:

Hamburg was as lovely as ever. As it wasn't my first time, I can only confirm former positive impressions. The water (Alster & Elbe), boats, picturesque Speicherstadt, modern Harbour city, Reeperbahn, fresh fish - yes, the city in Northern Germany has a lot to offer. Therefore I let pictures speak and it is your turn to make up your own mind.
Marco Polo Terrace

Since I only arrived Friday night, my friend and I, we had so much to catch up that we ended up talking in her room for hours. Yesterday we went to the city centre to do some shopping (unsuccessful...) and had dinner with college friends before we went to a house party in Harbour city. Today we did a harbour trip and met another colleague from school. To sum up, the weekend was less stressful than thought because we primarily hung out and enjoyed the short period together.

In order to shorten the post, I compiled the rest of my activities in some quick notes: 3 hours of cleaning are exhausting but the sacrifice was worth the result - our kitchen, bath room and hallway now gleam in new splendour /// As predicted last Sunday, I am now member of a fitness centre. I start tomorrow night with Pilates /// I finished my first own project at work and got very good feedback /// About 30 interns met on Thursday night for after work drinking. Terrific!

As I get up again in only 7 hours, I'd better go to bed now. Eventually I must work tomorrow. 
Thank you so much for reading!

Small recommendation for the end: Penso's music is very inspiring and I am always in mood for holidays. Perfect soundtrack for a beautiful weekend!

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