Sunday, 23 September 2012

Where there is love there is life (Ghandi)

Seeing falling leaves during the last couple of days, reminded me that summer officially ended by Friday. Not that I am particularly sad about it, moreover I appreciate the changing seasons a lot. But it also reminded me of my summer resolutions that I compiled in May. In order to close this chapter, I quickly want to check what I achieved and which plans have to wait until next summer.
  • I celebrated my birthday in a park, not near the lake, but in Bern with a good friend. We had a cupcake and champagne. Not as entirely planned, but however a lovely birthday.
  • I didn't rent a boat. But I did some river rafting and a harbour tour, so we can count it.
  • Unfortunately, I (or my brother?) didn't find the time to learn how to drive a motor scooter.
  • Well, I didn't ride through the Grand Canyon but in Yosemite National Park. I only hiked the Canyon.
  • Two weeks ago I went to a flea market and bought a nice bracelet with turquoise stones.
  • Twice I managed to play tennis this summer. And I'd like to continue but don't find the right partner to do so. 
  • And eventually, I bought a new camera. I love my Canon 550D. 
You probably are interested how my Pilates went on Monday night, aren't you? The relaxing music and slow movement helped me to concentrate on my body for the first time. The aching muscles the next day confirmed that I did some sports and I therefore will go back tomorrow night.

Yet Pilates relieved some stress, I felt the day after that I can only badly handle no stress at all. Tuesday was the first day in my internship when I had 4 hours nothing to do. In the evening I had munchies for sweets and went to bed really early. In future I want to observe my behaviour to analyse what was wrong.

On Monday the freshmen started at my university while my year is in their internships. This brings memories back that I started writing this blog then and that I only met my good friends one year ago which actually feels like forever. One of them is currently here and we have a blast of a time. On Friday night we went to a nice bistro in the area, whereas we yesterday partied in a Salsa Bar. We are soon heading to have breakfast in one of my favourite cafes.

Some random pictures taken during the last week.
Waiting for the pizza
Movie museum
After month of no-cooking I experimented a little: Curry Pineapple Chicken

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