Sunday, 30 September 2012

Autumn closet

Dear readers, 
Sometimes you must uncage your urge to live. Your urge to scream. To hate. To love. To feel. To jump. To cry. To laugh. Or in my case: The urge to buy.
During the last weeks I never was in the mood to buy anything. Naw, I don't like it. No, it doesn't fit perfectly. No, I want real leather and so on and so on. Therefore yesterday the outburst occured. To do so there is no better place than Primark as you can go crazy as you wish. And I did - see a glimpse of my haul.
Couldn't resist: Primark coat
Some shoes: Gabor, Primark and No Name (only for next week's Oktoberfest)
Simple cardigan & statement necklace
In the park
Sunday break with cake
The rest of the week is not worth to mention. Rainy days, some illness, a lot of sleep. Wait! There is one thing to tell: The canard with soya spinach and sesame potatoes that I ate yesterday night. OMG.

What are your plans for today? I will come up with a lazy Sunday, starting with some fresh breakfast from the bakery now. Enjoy the day and the autumn weather!