Sunday, 7 October 2012

Another fashion story

Good morning!

Those of you who intensively read my last post stumbled probably across the "Ballerinas for Oktoberfest". Actually, this is where I am sitting: In the heart of Munich after a crazy Saturday on the "Wiesn". So far I can only show you my "Dirndl" that I bought specifically for this event. More details will follow next week because here is so much going on - so many friends, so much beer, so many Bavarian traditions.
My Dirndl
However, let me give you a quick overview about last week.
Best day was by far Wednesday which was holiday. I managed to read hundreds of pages of the book Into the Wild, cooked some Indian-Asian pasta, started to write a few applications for the next summer internship and went for a walk through the rain - in autumn I appreciate those days so much.

Another important event was on Tuesday night, when I was invited to the pre-shopping for the new H&M collaboration with Anna dello Russo. The collaborations in the past touched me a lot more than the one with the Japanese Vogue chief editor - I still dream of those Jimmy Choos for example. Nevertheless I had a peek at the new collection in advance and enthused only about some earrings - that were out of stock within a few seconds. I ended up with no item but had a nice night at H&M, thanks to some champagne and snacks.
H&M at 9PM
Anna Dello Russo
Bling bling
What about you? Have you bought anything from the new collection?

Enjoy your week and thank you for reading. 

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