Sunday, 27 May 2012

Summer Resolution

Good morning everyone,

A week with a lot of sunshine lies behind me, as well as 4 exams. Managerial Accounting aroused big fears but it actually was easier than thought. Let's hope that it will turn out to be fine. So, next week 5 other exams wait for me.
Obviously I am looking forward to Friday: start of summer holidays, end of exams, a big party, but also a goodbye. All of us leave for our internship after the summer which is why we won't see each other for over 6 months. After two semesters together this goodbye will probably hurt a little.

Beyond revising for the exams I commenced packing some stuff, enjoyed the sunshine outside, went to an Italian Restaurant with my flatmate and watched "Friends with benefits" as preparation for the English Exam during the last days. Yesterday I spent the whole day in the parc with friends - primarily to study together. In the end we just hung out and gossiped.
Collective relaxing in the parc
Spelt Penne with Tomato-Pepper-Sauce
Enjoying the sun at a ruin
Last week I promised to show you a list of things I want to accomplish this summer. Here it is: 
  • Celebrate my birthday in a park near the lake with family and friends while having picnic, tasting these delicious cupcakes and drinking some champagne.
  • Rent a boat for one day, enjoying the sun and the water
  • Learn how to drive a motor scooter and then driving through the vineyards
  • Ride through the Grand Canyon - on a horse like a cowboy
  • Buy a nice piece of jewelry or something else at a flea market because I have never gone to one
  • Play tennis after nearly three years of break
  • Think about a new camera in order to take high quality pictures
To finish today's post, check out the following video which I absolutely adore. The pictures, the music, the atmosphere - everything fits together. And I don't judge it that way because I am a Burberry fan, but I think that this creation raises the lust of summer.


PS: If you have any suggestions for the (idiotic) party's theme "Survivor of the end of the world", please let me know. I neither want to dress up as Lara Croft nor as Destiny's Child. What is your input?

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