Sunday, 6 May 2012


Good morning, 
Recovered from last weekend and punctual on Sunday, I welcome you to my today's post.

Actually, I am a little terrified: Exams are in less than three weeks and I haven't started working yet. Beyond this stress, I still don't have an internship. It would be extremely annoying having an interview during the exams week. Hopefully upcoming week things can be arranged so that I can tick this task on my to-do-list.

There was only one highlight last week when I prepared my first sushis ever. My friend invited some other friends and me to accept the challenge and I must say that I was extremely positively surprised by the outcome. Not only that sushi-making is fun, but it was also delicious. Before, I always thought that it is complicated work but that is not the case at all. For all of you who want to meet the same experience, I found a great homepage where every step is explained well: How to make sushi.
Have a lot of fun! 
The result
Preparing some maki

That is all from today. Any wishes from your side what I should post about next week? Do you want more recipes, photos, fashion news? Just let me know!

Enjoy Sunday!

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  1. Dein Header ist sehr schön :)
    Wenn du eine umweltfreundliche und trotzdem stylische Tasche gewinnen möchtest, dann schau doch mal bei mir vorbei und versuch dein Glück! Lilly :)