Sunday, 20 May 2012

Relocating, Mucking out and Studying

Good morning!

Believe it or not: Yesterday was the first time ever that I drank a cup of coffee. Since I am at university I had the feeling that coffee is part of the lifestyle, but for now I personally stay away from it. Either was my mixture not good enough or I am just not into coffee. I keep on trying a few more cups to find out.

Only two weeks left before I move out - how time is running! As I will move out pretty soon then, I feel that I absolutely need to catch up a few things before leaving.
Last Tuesday, for example, I went to a Mexican Restaurant to conclude a consulting project. Unbelievable that I haven't visited it before because food and cocktails were really good! The atmosphere was even better than in the other Mexican bar which we used to go to.
This raises the question whether I haven't missed a lot of things here in town within the last year.
Even if I have so, I won't be able to discover anything in the two weeks left - 4 of 9 exams are on the schedule for the upcoming week (amongst them Managerial Accounting. Yuck!). And I cannot say that I feel well prepared. It is more likely that I will face some night shifts... without coffee. 

The second aspect is that I start packing all my stuff. But due to limited space in the car, I fear that not everything will fit into it. Therefore I plan to muck out my room, including clothes, papers, useless stuff. In terms of this idea, I show you a few items that I don't need anymore. If you would like to have an item, just send me a quick note and maybe we then can arrange something. Otherwise I will donate my clothes to a charity organization.
Orange woolen dress (H&M)
Shirts (grey, blue and brown) and sweatband (white)
Magazines in different languages
Red lamp shade, poster & golden picture frame
Stuff - will I ever need a step counter?
Mucking out means that I also have free space for new things. During the week, I thought about compiling a few resolutions I want to accomplish this summer. Do you envisage any plans? My ideas will be published here next week.

I wish you a pleasant Sunday. Enjoy it!

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