Sunday, 3 June 2012

Short notice for a start

Dear followers,

Once my grandparents said that time is running. Being now an adult I realize that this is true. Incredibly I have just passed one year of studies and I can remember the first day as if it was yesterday. I met so many great people, I learned so much about life - retrospectively the last months were some of the best in my life.

I am glad that the exams are over now. Some went better, some less (sitting next to hot guy doesn't help to write good exams, believe me). The party on Friday was as good as each End of the World Party is. Regarding my question of last week, I ended up wearing a torn old t-shirt. And I am officially allowed to call myself a survivor because I only drank little as I started packing my stuff yesterday morning without any hangover.

Honestly within a year you accumulate some many things. In one hour I will pick up a car and cross my fingers instantly that everything fits into it.

On Thursday I had dinner together with my flatmates. I tried this tart and can only recommend it. Although the mixture of onions, apples and cheese seems to be a little awkward in the beginning,the tart is really savory. After having dinner yesterday night, my friends and me, we spontaneously went to a party to say goodbye to everyone. Sad and happy moment at the same time.

I am now looking forward to my holidays. Next week I will spent in Paris at a friend's before going to my parents in Geneva. Of course, photos of my trip will be published next week.

I wish you a pleasant week and we see each other next week.
Apologies that this post is one of the shortest and most boring I ever wrote, but I still have to do so much stuff. 

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